Political correctness appears to have taken over the world, with so many people, including Christians, being so careful about what they say that they are barely able to say anything at all!

We cannot say Merry Christmas anymore, because apparently, it offends some people, so we have to say happy holidays!  I am not allowed to be offended if you say Easter is about bunnies and eggs, but you can be offended if I mention Jesus in association with Easter.  What is the world coming to!!!!

Political Correctness is Stupid

This podcast is our praise and worship leader attempt to fly in the face of the political correctness that is sweeping the nations of the developed world.  Any passing person would recognise most of this linguistic standard is absolutely stupid!  These days if a man wears a skirt and wants to be called a woman, we have to address him as her!  It seems that long held standards in our society are being thrown away, along with our brains!

So we decided to stand against political correctness, even the type you get in churches.  Many churches have traditions, speech, and ways they do things which are not Biblical, yet it is demanded that we treat them as gospel.  So we ask the big question, “Why in the world should we bow to fear and prejudice?”

Surely we as worship leaders have the right, even the divine calling, to stand for truth and to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, regardless of the consequences!  Without trying to offend our congregations, surely we have the mantle and calling to lead people into God’s presence instead of trying to sidestep around some clearly man-made rules!  As political correctness in the world is stifling and affecting the way people are speaking, so it is also trying to do the same to us in the church!

One of the great hallmarks of President Trump (whether you like him or loathe him) is that he has ignored much of the pressure to speak in a politically correct manner.  While you may not agree with his politics or his mannerisms, I admire the fact that he is not bending over to accommodate the various lobby groups.  And in the same way as worship leaders, we do not have to bend over to the various lobby groups in the church, but under the direction of the pastor and leadership, we should stand for and sing about what is right and true!

So this controversial podcast on political correctness is worth listening to, even if you don’t agree with everything.