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218- Worship Beyond Performance

Performance vs worship leading, it’s always a tension, so we wanted to look specifically at worship beyond performance.

Some of you say you don’t perform, you minister, but the fact is there is always an element of performance, like it or not. So performing is not bad or evil, it’s what we all do, but how can you worship beyond performance, anointing what you do and making it miraculous, no just a good performance?  That’s what this pod is all about

What is Worship Beyond Performance?

Worship beyond performance is not saying you cannot or should not perform, it’s the part that supernaturally comes after the performance bit.  In other words, it’s God checking in and using the performance you bring to lead people into an amazing encounter with the King of Kings!

So come on, grab a cup of coffee or tea, have a seat and check out the craziest podcasters this side of the Pacific!  You’ll not only learn a lot, improve your worship leading and gain confidence, you’ll have a bit of a laugh at the same time!

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Worship Leader Podcast

160- Great Imitations

Great ImitationsIf you’re honest, we all in some way are great imitations of something, especially if we are praise and worship leaders.  The big question is, who are you imitating and why?  That’s what this worship leader podcast explores, and the team have a good look at who or what we imitate on stage, and how we can start to draw the best from those we decide to imitate, not the worst!

Great Performers are Great Imitations

Now, please don’t misunderstand me here, I am not saying that being an imitation means that you are no also original!  Hopefully you adapt some of the thing in others that you admire or like into your own brand of performance so that you are original, but influenced by other most accomplished performers.  OK, you might be a worship leader, but the reality is that you are also a performer, and you need to make sure that your influences are godly, and that the traits you add are also adding something to the way in which you lead others to Christ.

And that’s what this pod is all about… leading others to Jesus in worship, but taking the best bits from a host of performers, Christian and secular, and making them a part of how you lead others in worship.  Truth is, we all do this to some degree, so let’s talk openly about who we imitate, and remember that, at the end of the day, we must imitate Christ first and foremost in your worship leading, and also in our lives!

Lots to think about in today’s worship leader podcast, so grab a cuppa and tune in to what the team is chatting about today…


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