As a leader, you should pastor your worship team!

Being a worship leader is not just about singing and playing.  It goes beyond choosing songs and arranging the music.

Worship Leaders Should Pastor Your Worship Team

Worship leaders need to become worship pastors, caring for and encouraging the worship team just as the pastor works to shepherd the whole church.

It is not enough to just make music.  Your team comes to practice, and they need direction and help in their music.  But they also come to practice at times with personal crises, having had financial issues, fights with their spouse, a tough day at work and might even be in sin.  It is not enough to care only for the music or the singing, because when you pastor, you should be caring for the whole individual.

Musicians and singers are, by nature, emotional.  That’s what makes them creative and awesome.  However, this comes with its own kind of baggage, and this needs the care and love of a shepherd.

And if you decide to pastor your team rather than just produce it, you can have an amazing impact on their life, and they will usually respond with incredible loyalty and respect for you as a leader.

Leading is not just creating, it is leading, and good leaders lead every aspect of their team’s lives.  It doesn’t mean you meddle and stir up things that should be left alone, but it does mean that you are available and ready to care for the people the Lord has given you to pastor.

So we thought we would do a 12-minute pod on what it actually means to pastor your worship team, and how you as the leader can care for not only the musical needs but the entire person on your team.

If you love people and love your worship team, this special podcast is for you…