118- Bring New Life to an Old Song

I love an old song as much as anyone, but I especially love reworking it to make it super special.

And an Old Song can Sound New!

Loads of the old classic songs and hymns are being reworked by Christian artists worldwide at the moment, and in your church you have the incredible opportunity to do this every week.

An old song can sound completely new if we rework the arrangement.

So tune in for this podcast and learn how to take those old songs, be they hymns or worship songs, and how you can make them new and special again…

258- New vs Old in Worship

new vs old

New vs old in worship leading… it’s a constant tension.  Some people like old songs, some prefer the latest and the greatest.

Some people like old songs, some prefer the latest and the greatest.  Some people prefer the old style, with the worship leader doubling as a conductor, and many like the latest styles and grooves. Some love the “big event” of worship leading, with lights, smoke machines and 100Db sound, while others prefer the subtle, natural, more acoustic sounds.

There is always a tension for the worship leader of new vs old, and that’s what this podcast explores in detail.

New vs Old: The Best of the Best

The thing is, we all know that there are points for and against both the old and the new, right? what we need to do as worship leaders is take the best of the old, and also the best of the new in our worship leading. Learn how to get the best from both the old and the new, in styles, songs, e=techniques and everything else, by listening to today’s podcast…



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