How to be your best self in 2017 is the theme for our very first pod cast of the year.

So many people make New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year, and statistics tell us that fewer than 8% of New Year’s resolutions result in manifested changes in lifestyle. That means that over 92% of New Year’s resolutions are abject failures, so we would like to 2017 to be a better year than that for you!

How to Be Your Best Self in 2017

People are always telling you to be yourself. No I don’t know what yourself is normally like, but I would encourage you to not just be yourself but be your very best self!

As worship leaders, we want to inject our personalities into worship leading, which means not only being ourselves but being our very best selves. It also means that you need to be your best self off stage as well as on stage, so that the person you portray leading worship on a Sunday morning is a true reflection of your personal walk with the Lord.

In this podcast, Eric and Darren explore how you can not only have a great 2017, but how you can be your best self in 2017, making this the best year ever because you have personally grown in your skills, talents and especially in your personal life with the Lord.

So don’t sit around wondering what the next year holds, or hoping that 2017 will be a bit better than 2016. Instead, listen to today’s pod cast and make a firm commitment to be your best self in 2017, thereby making this next year the greatest year ever for your worship leading, your family, your church and most importantly your personal walk with Jesus Christ.

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Worship Leaders in 2017

I thought I would write a few words for worship leaders in 2017.  In my quiet time this morning I was thinking about the year ahead and how I could make 2017 the best year ever for worship leaders all around the world, starting from New Years Day and lasting the entire year!


I read about Paul bidding the Ephesian elders farewell, and read…


Acts 20:19

serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and with trials that happened to me through the plots of the Jews.


Paul had been through so much in his struggles to bring the gospel to both Jew and Gentile. Throughout all of this he recognised that he had to choose to nourish his own heart by the living word, rather than concentrate on the difficult circumstances he faced.

The Challenge for Worship Leaders in 2017

As we face a new year, we should stop and think about how much it would affect the world if those of us who are worship leaders would constantly remember that we can’t serve our congregations unless we die to ourselves with Christ.


If we understand worship as a sacrifice of praise as to the Lord, rather than something we do, then dying to ourselves will give added impetus and energy to our worship leading, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to touch the lives of people who are listening.


As a worship leader, we should recognise that wherever we go in our life we are worshipping, and that every step we take in any area of our life since is walking sacred ground. We do not simply sing songs, but we lead people to a deeper knowledge of Christ.


Worship leaders in 2017 play an important part in God’s whole mission to the world throughout the year, and if we die to self we can become immune from all of the phrases, prejudices and jealousies that usually play singers and musicians, both inside and outside of the church.


Dying to self can allow us to be the perfect conduit for the move of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives, and we can give the gift of God’s presence in the fullness of his kingdom to each member of our congregation. For this reason we should also practice and train so that we can be effective in the role God has called us to.


So this new year, as we head into 2017, why not pause for a few moments with me and dedicate your life afresh to the Lord and the ministry that he has called us to. Let us decide together to crucify ourselves with Christ, and to become a new creation whose sole motivation is to serve Jesus in any and every aspect of our lives, both on the stage and off.

If we can truly dedicate ourselves to the Lord in this way, then 2017 can be the greatest year ever for a worship leading. If we can truly die to ourselves, die to our selfish motivations and petty jealousies and open our hearts to the move of God’s spirit, then His anointing will increase in our lives.


So rather than letting the New Year evolving its own way, I challenge all worship leaders in 2017 to examine themselves, crucify themselves and rededicate themselves wholly to the service of the Lord, and to the Ministry of worship leading that He has called us to.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we will be back on deck with more podcasts, craziness and fun, as well as heaps of free teaching, in the New Year.  See you then folks, and let’s make 2017 the best year ever!

This morning, January 1st, I sat outside the balmy Sunshine Coast heat doing my first quiet time of the year, and this was one of my daily devotionals, so I thought sharing this with you might be of use.  It’s from a devotional book I read every day by Marva J Dawn.

2015 needs to be the year that our worship leading reaches new heights, not a cut down version of last year.  What do you think of  this passage…

worship leading and worship thoughts Worship Thoughts to Start 2015

God of grace and God of glory, on your people pour your power;
Crown your ancient Church’s story; bring its bud to glorious flow’r.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage
For the facing of this hour,
For the facing of this hour.
Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1878-1969

We often don’t ask enough questions or the right kind of questions about the foundations of what we are doing. Just as scientists sometimes begin to perform medical procedures before anyone has raised the necessary moral objections, so it seems that many congregations today are switching worship practices without investigating what worship means and how our worship relates to contemporary culture.

The Scriptures, the history of the Church, and my own faith, experience, and training convince me that the vitality and faithfulness of our personal and corporate Christian lives and the effectiveness of our outreach to the world around us depend on the character that is formed in us.

What concerns me is whether our local parishes and denominations have thought thoroughly enough about worship and culture to function effectively in contemporary society. How can we best reach out to this society without “dumbing down” that essential character formation?

My major concern for the Church has to do with worship, because its character-forming potential is so subtle and barely

noticed, and yet worship creates a great impact on the hearts and minds and lives of a congregation’s members. Indeed, how we worship both reveals and forms our identity as persons and communities. . . .

In light of the “dumbing down” that happens in worship in some places, we might paraphrase Neil Postman: “When the congregation becomes an audience and its worship a vaudeville act, then the Church finds itself at risk; the death of faith and Christian character is a clear possibility.” . . .

It is not too late to ask better questions as we seek to make worship meaningful for persons in our present culture. . . . Can the Church be a place of meaningful talking, attentive listening, and profound thinking? In short, can we develop a theology of worship for the Church to flourish and grow in a turn-of-the-century culture?


Before we adopt any worship practice, O Lord, guide our thinking . . .Amen.

Let’s make this year the best worship ever!

126- How to Face 2014

New Year 2014Hey, Happy New Year one and all, and here’s a special worship leader podcast to get you in the mood for facing 2014, and making it the best year ever!


I am seriously believing that this year is going to be a cracker!  Having suffered through a few tough years, I reckon we can believe together that 2014 is going to be the best year ever, especially with regards your worship leading ministry.  It’s the time to laugh and enjoy, but also to learn and to work hard, and trust the Lord to grow something extra special in your life over the course of this year.


So, in today’s pod, Erick and I look ahead to the coming year, discuss what to expect and share a little about our own walk with God.


Trust me , you need to face this year believing that the Lord is going to direct you and raise your ministry to new heights.  As as such, this podcast is a great place to start the year!  Just sit back with a cup of tea, or put your headphones on, and enjoy a positive and wholesome, if not a little crazy, start to the New Year!


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