Negative opinions can positively going to ruin your day!

And there is no shortage of Negative Opinions!


Any time you are involved in some kind of public ministry, there will be opinions of all kinds. Some, in fact usually more than we recognise, will be positive, with people saying things like how much they enjoyed the worship, how beautiful the singing was, and so on.

But let us be absolutely honest here, the ones you remember are the ones that are negative or critical in some way. True or false? You know it’s true, right?

So how can you as a worship leader deal with the criticisms and negative that come your way, and how can you do so in a way that is godly, honest and receptive? So we do not want to shut out valid ideas and comments, but we do want to have some level of protection against the opinions that hurt, discourage and even destroy ministries!

No matter who you are, you need to know how to deal with negative opinions in the right way.  Make no mistake, these can make or break your ministry, they can fill you with dread… I have even seen worship leaders so stung by negative opinions that they walk away from church altogether.

This type of criticism, no matter what seemingly pious, holy, religious word it may be presented in, can be venomous and poisonous to your soul, your loved ones and your ministry.

If you have been hurt by critical words, from your team, the pastor, someone in the congregation or anywhere else, then please listen to this podcast and seek God.  Gather with those who do love you, who do support you, and especially go deep with the Lord.  You might be soft hearted, but

This is a must-listen for every person in the public eye, and that included every worship leader…