Worship LeadingWorship leading as a non musician is definitely a unique skill, and these days many people use instruments like the guitar and piano and lead from them.

However, leading as a singer is still alive and well, and so we thought we might do a podcast looking at how you can lead worship when you are not playing an instrument.

Worship Leading is Worship Leading

The fact is, whether you play something or not, worship leading is in essence the same.  Your job is to lead the people into worship, and in the end you need to do so in he way that makes most sense to you and sees you comfortable in the task.  If you play something, that’s fine.  If you don’t then this is the podcast for you!

In this pod we talk about how to lead, how to communicate with your band, what to do and not do to make worship leading awesome, even if you don’t actually play a note yourself. If you sing and lead, there will be some really great ideas coming out of this week’s worship leader podcast…

Your Worship leader podcast TeamLots of people want to join your team, but this worship leader podcast is about helping you to choose the RIGHT ones!  Just because someone has talent, can sing or play an instrument, doesn’t mean that they will be the right choice for your team.  They may sing well, but have a really bad attitude.  They may be nice, friendly and play drums well, but be involved in secret sin.  They might look great, but underneath undermine your authority and leadership.


Choosing the right team members, and qualifying them correctly, could be the most important decisions you make in your ministry…

and this worship leader podcast could be essential for your future ministry!


So get excited, click below and listen to the pod team as they help you and guide you towards qualifying your worship team…


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Learning how to lead worship can be a long and difficult task, especially if you have nobody to help you.  Where do you start, how do you inspire others and where do you go in the worship?  These are all important questions that need to be answered and it is my hope that these few tips will help you learn how to lead worship the easy way.


Preparation is How to Lead Worship Effectively


Prepare your heart: 

Pray and really seek the Lord, not just before you begin the service, but before you even select the songs.  Make sure your heart is right before Him, don’t brush any sin under the carpet, and ask God to use you as His instrument to lead the people closer to Himself.  Lay aside any hidden agenda you might have and pledge to serve him alone in worship.


How to Lead Worship by Preparing Properlyhow to lead worship” src=”http://worshipleaderonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/worship-leader-10.jpg” alt=”How to Lead Worship”http://worshipleaderonline.com”>how to lead worship” width=”380″ height=”238″ />Select Songs People Love: 


The biggest mistake you can make when learning how to lead worship is to choose the songs you like.  You are not there to push your own songs and your own musical tastes, you are there to lead the congregation in praise and worship.  If you are just learning how to lead worship, make sure than the people know and love the songs you select, even if you don’t like them!  It is far easier to lead people in songs they know and enjoy rather than teaching new songs to them!


Select Songs That Go Together Musically:


If you do not have an understanding of what songs can flow from one to the next seamlessly then ask a musician who understands this.  If you are committed to learning how to lead worship learn how to understand music as well, because the two go together.


As a rule of thumb, I would start by selecting songs which are in the same key.  You can even select say 3 songs in one key, then 2 songs in the next key up, enabling you to modulate yet still flow from one song to the next.


Select Worship Team Members Carefully


If you can select your team, make sure you choose those whose hearts are pure and who have some degree of skill in singing or playing.  Choosing prideful yet good musicians often sees them taking over, but selecting good hearted poor musicians makes the entire process difficult.  If you cannot select the team (perhaps because you have an established roster), contact each member privately and encourage them in their gift and their support as you lead.


Watch your Timing:


Going overtime is another problem I often see in those learning how to lead worship, and from the pastor’s perspective it is rude and disrespectful (unless God is doing something amazing, in which case you seek the pastor’s blessing to continue).  Time each song as near as you can, and always try and go under the allotted time.


Learning How to Lead Worship Takes Time


No matter how faith-filled you are, learning how to lead worship takes time, so don’t expect to get everything right the first time.  My aim is to improve little by little, week after week, and to get some worship leader training to streamline and quicken the process.


Being a praise and worship leader is a huge privilege and a beautiful journey, but applying these principles should see you start the race well.  Take the time to grow in your craft, increase your skills and train in leadership, because learning how to lead worship is a lifetime journey.

How To Lead Worship

OK, this worship leader podcast could open a can of worms for sure:  Should you have Non-believers as part of your worship band? If you are in a small church and a great musician or singer walks in, you are certainly tempted to invite them to join the band.  But is is a compromise, is it an outreach to the non-believer, or is it part of God’s divine plan for you as a worship leader?  The gang discuss this very issue on today’s podcast, so tune in and judge for yourself what you think is right.


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Worship training should be an essential part of preparation for the worship leader.  I have had thousands of people attend my training seminars across the world and the feedback is that they have gained valuable insights from the worship training which they would not have discovered by themselves.

Every now and then I meet someone who says, “I don’t need praise and worship training, I will just follow the Holy Spirit!”  The question is, would the Holy Spirit ever lead you to get training in your gift, and would such training ever become a valuable asset for you and your church?

Worship Training Enhances your Gift

There is no denying that praise and worship leading is a gift.  We can clearly see that some people have it, and others do not, and it is not whether the person can sing or play that determines it.  Some people sing beautifully but when they try to lead the worship service falls flat!  It’s a gift, sure, but can this gift be improved in any way?

I believe that, whatever your level of gifting, the right type of worship training will enhance the gift on your life.  You will pick up ideas and techniques which can only add a new and fresh element to your praise and worship leading and make you a better praise and worship leader.  It is the same principle that applies to a musician, or a football player.  However naturally gifted you might be, going to practice will make you a better musician or footballer.  You will learn new techniques, ideas, skills and be able to perform to a higher level.  Why should these same principles not apply to praise and worship leading?

Worship Training Keeps you Sharp

worship trainingI have been leading worship for many years, and I teach on the subject all around the world, yet I am still learning!  Frankly, I haven’t arrived yet, and if you are honest, neither have you!   I am always keen to learn more and improve my craft, and I believe that worship training keeps you sharp and helps you to continue to grow in your skills and abilities to become all that you can possibly become in the Lord.

At very least worship training will challenge you with new ideas and concepts.  It will cause you to examine how you lead and maybe modify what you are doing.  Those who decide that they do not need any worship training but only need the Holy Spirit are missing out, and they are misunderstanding the work of the Spirit in their lives.  God uses anointed, experienced worship leaders to train others, just as He uses preachers and teachers to train others in the Body of Christ!

Worship Training Makes You a Better Worship Leader

The whole purpose of worship training is to improve your worship leading ability and make you the very best leader that you can possibly be!  So whether you are average or awesome, experienced or untried, you will never lose round but will always gain when you pursue worship training!