Does the love motive really affect your worship leading? Does love even affect your life in general? Great questions, but questions which cause us to examine our hearts more closely…

What is the Love Motive?

Is everything you do with your team, with your onstage presence and with your personal walk with God lead and controlled by love?

The love motive should be the core of everything we do as believers, and especially as ministries in the church.

Now, I know we say that love is central, but the reality is that many of us are centred not on love but on ourselves, and our own motives. We sometimes take our motives for granted, but I think there is great value in reexamining the motives that drive us to so what we do.

1 Corinthians 16:14 talks about doing everything in love, and while that is easy to say, it often takes others around us to show us our true motivations… whether they are of love, or of selfishness.

People who irritate, people who rub us the wrong way, they are the ones who reveal whether we have a true love motive as we serve in worship leading, or whether we make the statements and look the part, but are actually selfish underneath.

All of us are selfish, and it takes a close relationship with the Lord to set aside our own personal agendas and start seeking His will in our lives. Love needs to be the core motivation of everything you do, whether onstage or offstage, whether you are interacting with others or alone with God.

This pod is a call to all worship leaders to keep love as the central motivation to everything you do. So get inspired, sit back and relax and enjoy this exciting message, and make love the central motive for all you do in life…