22- The Art of Modulation

Modulation is a fantastic thing to do, especially for worship leaders, but there are a few techniques and ideas that can make you look like a phenomenal worship leader, even if you’re not exactly sure what you are doing!

Modulation Rocks!

Modulation is going up a key… or two… or three… or, well you get the picture.  Going up a key does something amazing for the congregation, and can easily see them move into deeper and more meaningful worship.

In this podcast, Darin and Erick reveal some awesome ways in which you can raise the stakes and raise the level of worship as you raise the key!  And listen, anyone can do this.  When you learn the techniques, it is easy to apply this powerful technique to your worship leading.

Going up a key really lifts the energy in your worship.  When you go up a key, without them even realising it, the audience stretches more to reach the notes, and thereby open their diaphragms, and their hearts!

Now I know some of you are thinking, well it is really the Spirit of God, so these guys are crazy teaching techniques and thinking God will move.  OK, let’s sort this now.  Techniques do work, but they do not replace the Spirit of God moving, of course!

What I can tell you is that techniques like modulation can enhance what the Lord is doing.  So please do not write this off, because as you learn techniques like this one you will enhance your worship leading skills, and the people will be more and more blessed!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax and open your heart to learning a powerful new technique for your ever progressing worship leading.  Listen to this podcast, and master the subtle art of modulation!