Nobody likes it when ex members attack your ministry.It always hurts, and that’s a fact!

They may have left for any number of reasons, and they may even have left the church, but how do you respond when these ex members attacking your ministry?

In this week’s pod, we talk about how you should respond, as opposed to react, and we discuss godly ways you can love these people, even though they are attacking your ministry

How Do You React When Ex Members Attack Your Ministry?

This revealing and slightly painful podcast comes as a direct question to us from the Facebook page, and we’re betting that he is not the only one going through this right now!

I mean, when you become a worship leader you are going to face attack at some point, often from the very ones who were once closest to you and the ones you loved and believed in.  That’s all part of leadership, so don’t get discouraged, turn to the Lord and let Him do the worrying for you (you know He won’t of course!).

So settle back, relax and stop worrying about when ex members attack your ministry.  We have you covered here at the worship leader podcast, so check it all out now!

Restoration of life and ministryManaged to find the internet and a few spare minutes in the United States at camp to add this very moving worship leader podcast about restoration of life and ministry, featuring Adrian Ross, and his testimony of restoration.

You will hear how this man has visited the depths of despair, losing his reputation, ministry, family life and personal walk with God, finishing in prison alone and far from hope.  You will also hear how God restored his life, family, personal relationship with God and also his ministry.  It is a tremendous testimony of encouragement, even if you have lost heart.

This testimony of restoration of life and ministry will bless and encourage you.

Whatever your situation, however you feel, what ever you have done, or what ever sin you have committed, this is a testimony you need to hear.  You will be encouraged and blessed hearing about how God not only forgives but also restores and rebuilds our lives and our ministries on this very special worship leader podcast…

Any you can learn more about serving the Lord in your ministry and how to avoid the pitfalls of ministry by clicking here!

Worship Leading MistakesThis is an amazing worship leader podcast where we take a close look at the 17 most common worship leading mistakes.  Now, we all know we make mistakes, perhaps some more than others, and that for many of us the mistakes we make we can cover over to a large degree (at least we hope we can!).  But how about those really big ones that will ruin worship for the day, and which some people make over and over again without even realizing it!  Well, that’s what this pivotal pod is all about!


 Eliminate the Big worship Leading Mistakes


Getting rid of the really big worship leading mistakes might make all the difference to your ministry.  Are you finding that your worship leading is lacking power?  Well it might be because, without even realizing it, you are making some of these classic mistakes, and if you can identify them and change the way you are worship leading it could make all the difference.

So what worship leading mistakes are we talking about?  Well, you might just have to download the pod and have a listen, but I can reveal that we cover everything about these classic mistakes, from song selection through to the way we deliver the ministry.  This is very frank, very real and quite confronting, so settle back, listen and please keep an open mind.  By the way, we sourced this list, so it is not just our ideas but those of other worship leaders who have recognized the same trends (but we do agree with them!).  Have a listen and email or leave a comment about what you think, and how you can eliminate these worship leading mistakes from your church.


  So kick back, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a few crazy minutes with the team that always loves and supports you, even if we are quick to point out mistakes (we’re not really!!!!). And don’t forget, you can download lots of pods for free either from this site, or you can download for free from itunes, or subscribe to it so you don’t miss any episode ever!  Nearly every week there is a special edition of the pod coming at you, so subscribe and be a part of our worship leader community. And if you like us, and I hope most of you do, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW so itunes knows that we are helping you along!  So, driving to work, mowing the lawn or just chilling out (maybe with a nice cup of tea!), let us teach you, brighten up your day and maximise the use of the time you have for the Lord!

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