31- How to Make Practice Fun

Do you know how to make practice fun?

Make Practice Fun and Make Your Team Inspired and Happy!

Now, as a musician and singer, I am always about having a great time and enjoying what I am doing.  But some worship leaders take the role so seriously, they leave no room for fun!

This is a terrible mistake because when you do not make your practice times fun, you actually suck the life and enjoyment out of it.

So shouldn’t our practices be serious?  Well, getting it right might be a serious thing, but even while achieving what you want to achieve in the practice, you can still leave room for fun.  And trust me, the ideas we share in this podcast will inspire you to make your team practices the best night of the week for your worship team!

You should make practices enjoyable in some way, you know, because so often practice for the worship team is long, boring and particularly uninspiring.  As a worship leader, you should be looking for every opportunity to make practices fun.  This can include jokes, funny stories and the like, and it flows right throughout the entire practice.  So any mistakes are moments to have fun.  Any frustrations can be treated with a smile and a joke.  I have found that my team are far more productive in this environment than in a tense, highly professional and over-controlled atmosphere!

That’s what we are talking about in this 12 minutes for worship leader’s podcast, and if you want to draw the best out of your team, this could be a pivotal podcast.

Invest just 12 minutes, and inject some real fun and joy into your team, creating not only the right atmosphere but developing a loyalty form your team that will last a lifetime!  Tune in and check it out now…