19- Make a Song your Own

Most of us can play music or sing, and we can hear songs on Youtube, read a chord chart and play the song. However, if that is all you do with music, then you are missing out on the greatest inspiration you could have… making a song your own.

How to Make a Song Your Own

So what do we mean by make a song your own?  It means doing it in a way that is unique, that is inspired, that is something you can make the song into.

So rather than just reproduce what the band on Youtube does, why not adapt it to suit your style and musical tastes.

If you want to play a song in church, and you only want to do it exactly how the CD does it, then why not just play the CD in church?  I mean, why spend countless hours just trying to reproduce what someone else has done?  You are better than that!  God has given you a creative spirit, and with a few select changes, you can make a song into something special, into your own version, full of God-given creativity and inspiration.

In this 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast you will learn how to make a song your very own, and be inspired to change things to create inspired and wonderful worship songs, different and even better than the ones on YouTube or the latest CD.  You can give these songs a different style, different feel and a different structure than the ones the bands play.  And here’s the crazy thing… that same band, the one you are watching on the internet, they will play the same song differently next week!

So if you want to explore a whole new area, if you want to supercharge your worship and do worship in a new and inspired way, then this is a great pod to listen to…