It’s lonely at the top many times for a worship leader, and when it comes to decision making, and responsibility, it can be a huge burden to bear.

Why It’s Lonely at the Top…

You probably wonder why it’s lonely at the top for many worship leaders.  When we move into the worship ministry, we often isolate ourselves from those around us, but this is a really bad idea!

Sure, the responsibility for the way worship goes falls to you, but is this a burden you want to bear by yourself?

The concept of team comes into things here, and when you have a team with you, and behind you, you will find it is a lot less lonely at the top than it would otherwise be.

Never the less, there will be times when you have to make unpopular decisions or be tough on one of your team members, and these are the times when you really can feel all alone.

That’s why we have decided to do a podcast on leadership, and the sometimes lonely road it can become… and ways in which you can strategies and make the journey not as lonely.

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