66- Maximising Lockdown

Maximising lockdown is something we all need to do in this current pandemic.

OK, we all have it and we all have to deal with the isolation and restrictions, but today’s pod is about how you can maximise lockdown.  Not just endure it, but use this time to reset and make life changes, and worship leading changes, that will last forever.

As worship leaders, and as any pastor in the church will tell you, this current crisis has been challenging to say the least.

We have had to modify, and indeed continue to modify the way we do church.  It is difficult, and we have found ourselves staring down the barrel of a monitor, phone or tablet trying to be pastors.

Image by Dipesh Parmar from Pixabay

And worship leaders too have had a difficult time trying to maximise lockdown.  Our band is scattered across the region, and our congregation is sitting at home in their PJs having breakfast instead of being in the church building.  Many argue it opens up a whole new audience, and this may be true, but I would be lying if I said as a pastor I’m loving zoom and Facebook more than real life!

It is difficult, it is downright weird, and for worship leaders and their teams, it can be soul-sapping and very disappointing.

Maximising Lockdown Maximises the Situation

Look, I know that the current situation is not ideal.  But we as worship leaders and church leaders can choose to see the glass half empty or half full.  Listen to this podcast so you can not only maximise lockdown as a leader in the church, but also maximise it in your own personal life, and in your time with the Lord.

In this middle of the greatest pandemic of our lifetime, listen to this and let’s make the very best use of the time and isolation afforded by the COVID pandemic.

Lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, and as worship leaders, it is especially hard to try and lead worship to a congregation who are only on a screen, and whom you cannot see anyway.

Lockdown is a Challenge, but Not a Deal Breaker!

OK, very few of us are enjoying being locked down, and it is especially hard for churches.  The whole point of church is that we can come together to worship together, and all of us including me are missing the joy and experience of corporate worship.

As worship leaders, we definitely have to think outside of the box on this one!  As a pastor, Darin can tell you it is different, difficult and even soul-destroying preaching to a camera or an empty auditorium.  As a worship leader, it is probably even harder.  We naturally feed off the energy of others worshipping with us, and of course, this is not available when we are on YouTube or Facebook live.

So how can you lead worship effectively to an empty room?  How can you motivate your team when things look more like a rehearsal than a worship time.  You can be effective as a worship leader, and then carry the lessons long after the lockdown finishes, and we want to share our ideas to help you do this!

So this special pod deals with lockdown, and how you can lead worship to your people who are in lockdown and needing to connect with and worship the Lord in a new, different and fresh way.  Listen and learn, because all of us are listening and learning as we go.  Even the best worship leaders and the most experienced have never seen or tried to deal with what we are facing during this lockdown, so let’s learn and move forward together