Sharing leadership responsibilities is an essential part of leading a worship team.  And leadership is not as easy as you might think!

Sharing Leadership Responsibilities is Real Leadership

If we think that we can do it all ourselves, we may be good at singing or playing an instrument, but we are lousy at leadership!  One of the big problems we face as worship leaders is that we are often chosen not because we have good or well developed visual skills, but because we have a talent like singing or playing an instrument well.  But being able to sing does not mean that we are able to lead our worship team properly!

Sharing leadership responsibilities is an essential part of being a great worship leader.  Inspiring your troops to not only be led but become leaders in their own right is absolutely essential if you are to grow anything of note in your ministry.

And raising leaders is one of the greatest thrills in ministry.  We should not be threatened by those who might have more ability than we do because when you are the leader, your job is to help them become everything they can possibly be in the Lord.  At the end of the day, we are all on the same team, and great leadership knows and recognises this fact, and develops those around them to step up into the breach and help the worship team.

So settle back and listen to the team as they share strategies on how to share leadership responsibilities within your worship team, and set your team up for long-term, sustained and powerful growth long into the future.

And remember, no matter what size your church is, or your worship team is, sharing leadership responsibilities is what can set your leadership apart from anybody else, and open the way for your church to see incredible worship Sunday after Sunday

If you want to become a great worship leader, you need to understand and follow these steps to better leadership.

Ah, leadership, it’s an all but forgotten art at times, especially when it comes to worship leading. Most worship leaders think they can just play music, close their eyes and worship the Lord and their entire band and the whole congregation will just follow along and be insanely happy, right?

Wrong! To leader powerful worship you need to learn how to lead the troops as well as the congregation, so this is just the podcast you need to improve your leadership skills! These are the Steps to Better Leadership you need to succeed!

These apply to any leadership position, and so in this awesome podcast we look at what it takes to be a great leader, and how you can bring the very best out of your worship team.  It’s a must for every praise and worship leader today!

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Ouch, abusive leadership is a hot topic!

Let’s face it, no one likes to be abused by their leadership, and this abuse can take a variety of forms.  It could be verbal, emotional or controlling, but any time you put people in leadership positions you have the potential to have abuse of that position.

Yet Jesus talked about servant leadership, the exact opposite of abusive leadership (Mark 10:45)

In today’s podcast,we talk about what abusive leadership looks like, and how to behave in a godly way whether you are on the receiving end, or the one being abusive to people in your team (we’re hope that’s not you, by the way!). If you have ever felt used and abused by your pastor or worship leader, this is a must listen to podcast!

Grab a cup of something nice and tune in to make sure you are not abusing your team, and to discover how you need to respond in a godly way to abusive leadership in pastors and other leaders…

disagree with your leadershipWe all want to serve the Lord, but what if you disagree with your leadership?  Do you have to be a doormat, walked on by overbearing or aggressive pastors and/or worship directors, most of whom will accuse you of not being a servant if you disagree with them?

This is a very sensitive issue, and as I am both a pastor and a worship leader, I think it is one we need to talk through, hence this podcast!  Often church leadership think they have a direction and call from God, and so they call us as worship leaders to join with them and serve heir vision, and trust me that’s all fine.  However, it doesn’t mean that you simply have to roll over on each and every issue.

Even pastors are fallible!  If you disagree with your leadership, you need to handle things correctly.

When you disagree with your leadership, and you will, sometime, you must be accountable for what you say and what you do!  We get so heated about things, but this worship leader podcast is all about how you handle the disagreement in a godly, humble and powerful way, and even how you can turn things around and see real change in a winsome and gentle way.

This is a podcast not to be missed, and please email us and tell us conflict and disagreements you currently face with your leadership.

Managing these inevitable disagreements could be the making or breaking of your entire ministry, so grab a cuppa and join the team…

unhappy teamIf you are a worship leader, chances are you have to at some stage deal with an unhappy worship team.  At very least, you will have somebody in your team who is unhappy with you and the way you are leading, and this incredible worship leader podcast is about how you can not only cope with them, but turn them into your greatest fans, and your best helpers!

Managing your worship team is a huge and often overlooked part of worship leading.  You might think praise and worship leading is all about singing… well, sorry to disappoint, you also need to actually lead your team.  And I have very often seen worship leaders do very badly on he team leading side of things, either showing no leadership at all, or being so heavy handed and controlling that they get their entire team offside, and have a miserable worship team!

So don’t settle for being a poor leader, become all that you can be in the Lord as a leader of your team, and listen to this podcast to discover how to turn the whining, complaining, potentially divisive people into your best asset, and a source of real unity.

All is revealed in this worship leader podcast…

people leaving churchWow this is an emotive question… why are people leaving church, and leaving churches in droves. Is it leadership, preaching, worship, the people or all of the above?

In my area, there are more Christians disenfranchised and no attending church than there are Christians actually attending church.  This does not even count the “floaters”, who are going from church to church seeking the one that suits.

Perhaps more than ever before we are witnessing people who have been active and involved in church life, and often in leadership, leaving the church and going nowhere.  In this worship leader podcast we ask the big questions, “Why is this happening, and what can we do to try and stop it?”

People Leaving Church is Happening More and More!

Years ago a family attended the same church for most of their lives, through all the highs and lows, struggles and controversies.  They remained committed, and it was their church.

However, in the internet age, where people stay on a webpage for 1.5 seconds at a time, we expect instant things, and I suspect we are applying the same reasoning to churches, rather than staying and waiting for change.  And let’s face it, some pastors and worship leaders are never going to change, so if the possibility is impossible, you can’t blame people for leaving!

The bottom line worship leaders is that we are in a position to actually bring about change and plug the hole that drains the church!  God has laid at our feet this enormous privilege, and we can either just keep doing what we are doing, or we can listen to the Lord and trust Him to use us to draw people into the church, not drive them away.  I am not saying we are the reason they are going, but very often we are part of it!  There are usually deeper issues, but wouldn’t you like to be part of the solution, not the problem?

So settle back and grab a coffee or tea and listen to the team grapple with this very important issue, not only for you as a worship leader, bu for your church and the Church Universal…

Pastors: How to Find the Right Praise and Worship Leader

praise and worship leader  Being the right praise and worship leader for your church is a key consideration for most Pastors and Leaders in church. Put the wrong guy, or girl, in this job, and your life can be made a misery. Get it right, and your church will begin to flourish even more.

So Pastors, be very careful when you select your worship leaders. It may not be the guy with all the musical talent and it may not be the best looking girl or the one with the big voice. What you really want is God’s choice, and while I cannot hope to make that choice for you, I can help to steer you in the right direction…

Pastors: How to Select the Right Worship Leader

1. Select leaders of ability: 

Just because they can sing or play, does not mean that they can lead an entire band. Your prospective leader should show leadership qualities in other areas, such as secular work, cell groups, evangelism, kid’s ministry, etc. Being a worship leader is exactly that: leading! So a great musician is not necessarily a great leader.

2. Select leaders of some musical ability:

They don’t have to be musicians or singers, but man it helps! You will find that if the person leading has a good knowledge and feel for music that the worship will tend to flow a lot more. Again I stress that the best musicians are not always the best leaders, even though they know the music side of things well. However, having a good knowledge of music and how it fits together in worship is a huge asset.

3. Select leaders who are teachable:

Great leaders are teachable. If they are not, you don’t want them, and it doesn’t matter if they are Mozart or Beethoven! You have to trust them, you have to work with them and you have to live with the consequences, so do yourself and your people a huge favour and chose humble, teachable leaders.

4. Select leaders who take responsibility:

If something happens and the worship is not all it could be when I am leading, then it is MY FAULT! I don’t blame the piano player, the singers or the pastor. It is my job, my passion and my joy to lead the worship, and my responsibility when anything, small or large, goes wrong. This pretty much ties in with the teachability thing, so look for leaders who care passionately about leading others into worship. Passing the buck is not on in the worship team. The buck stops with the leader.

If a worship leader really bombs out in worship, then I take it very personally as worship director, and move to deal directly with the problem. Don’t blame others, but be responsible.

5. Select leaders who love what they are doing:

It is not enough to be good at it, they must be passionate about leading people into worship. As a leader, I love, and get a huge amount of joy, out of seeing others lead into worship, to a greater and deeper experience with Jesus. This takes on a whole new perspective when, as is often the case with big churches, the worship leader is paid. If anyone does this for the money alone, I believe they are PROSTITUTING their gift. If pay is there, fine, but let us never see this as a motivation. Jesus did not die on the cross to give us a job!

6. Select leaders who lead by inspiration: 

There is a school of thought these days that leaders upset everyone because they are strong leaders. They make sure everything is done their way, or the offenders are out! They force their opinion on others and make them obey. I don’t believe these are strong leaders; these are dictators! True leaders inspire others to follow. They are firm where they need to be, but usually smooth over offenses by leading with humility and gentleness. They don’t offend the whole music team, they inspire them. These are the worship leaders you want.

I would hesitate to place someone who is not musical into the role of worship leader, because it makes it so much harder for them. That is not to say it cannot be done, but be careful. Believe me; it is easier to not appoint someone than it is to remove them from to job.

Praise and Worship Leaders: How to be the Right Leader

Here’s a quick word of advice to worship leaders: YOU ARE NOT GOD!!!! I’m one of you, so I can say things like that! You must never operate out of fellowship with the pastor. If you disagree, then you should defer to him, even if he is wrong. However, this does not preclude offering your opinion. Whatever happens, you need to be subject to him, and if you cannot be, tender your resignation and move to a church where you can serve with a clear conscience.

Here are some suggestions on how to serve your pastor:

How to lead praise and worship1. Have a real desire to serve the pastor:

Tell him you want to serve his vision, not your own. You have desires and visions in the Lord, but you will never put those before the pastor’s vision, because he is the leader of the church. I can testify that, as I served Bill Newman and ignored my own desires for success in music, the Lord opened the door to allow me to realize my own dreams, through Bill’s ministry. If you have a dream, make yourself subject to Godly Leadership, and watch the Lord bring it to pass!

2. Ask what he wants:

Does he want special songs that fit with the message? Does he want a specific style? If the congregation is above 70, chances are they don’t want rocky music. If they are young families, they may not be happy with all to wall hymns. Does he want open worship? If your church or your pastor is uncomfortable with certain things such as open worship, singing in tongues or hand raising, you’d better find out before you lead worship!

3. Ask about the format of the meeting:

Where is announcements, offering, etc? What type of song does he prefer for these? Discuss options with him and mention specific songs.

4. Ask about music being played behind prayers:

Some pastors love it, others hate it. If you have visiting ministry, ask them what they prefer, because not everyone is the same. You are there to serve, so do your best to do all that is required of you.

5. Ask how much talking he wants: leading worship

You are not there to preach, so ask if a prayer of, say, 30 seconds or the reading of a passage of Scripture is appropriate. Pastors hate having their meeting hijacked by the worship leader!

6. Ask how much time the pastor wants you to take:

AND KEEP TO TIME!!! Whatever the Spirit may be doing, do not dishonour your pastor by going over time. If God is about to cut lose in worship, ASK the pastor if he wants to continue or stop.

7. Never criticize the pastor:

Even if you feel he has made an incorrect decision, never criticize the pastor to others in the music team. You are there to serve, and if you feel his decision stopped the move of God, let God sort it out.

8. Remember, you are responsible for how the worship goes:

The buck stops with you, so if the worship time is poor, don’t look to blame the drummer, the guitarist, the organist, the singers or the overhead operator. The fault is yours. Deal with it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

9. Be an inspirational leader, not Hitler!

As mentioned in the pastors section, there is a school of thought going around that real leaders are strong and offend everyone. “It’s my way or the highway, dude!” This is, I believe, poor leadership. If you have to constantly force people to obey you, then you are out of your league. You need to lead by inspiring them to follow you, encouraging them when they fail and rebuking them with humility and grace when they disobey. This is not being soft, or trying to be popular, but in my experience really good leaders are popular, even in the face of unpopular decisions. By the same token, if someone refuses to tow the line, strong action may need to be taken. I have a chapter later in the book on Band management to tackle such issues.

I have been on stage several times when, in my opinion, worship has really bombed out. On one occasion, I was merely playing bass, and thus could not influence proceedings, but once or twice with Bill Newman I have come and apologized to him for my worship team missing the mark. He consoled and encouraged me, but I tell you when I walked out on stage the next night I was making doubly sure that the band was on the ball and the mistakes did not happen again. Accept responsibility, then change it!

You see, if you want the many, many great things that come with being a praise and worship leader, you have to be prepared to take the difficult times as well. If something goes wrong, don’t persecute yourself. Examine it, find out what went wrong and change it. Feeling sorry for yourself cannot be part of leadership, because it makes you useless to both your pastor and the Lord.

So inspire your people and lead them with confidence, because your pastor had confidence in you when he appointed you. Don’t let him down, and don’t let yourself down. Study the above points, make them part of your leadership life, watch God give you the privilege of leading folks into His presence and also bringing the best out in your troops. Remember, you are anointed, special and tremendously privileged! You are a praise and worship leader!

130- The Best Way to Lead

styles of leadershipThis week’s worship leader podcast is all about the best way to lead your worship team.  There are different styles of leadership, but frankly some are far better than others.  If you want to inspire others and lead in a way that not only brings the best out of your team, but also sees them love and respect you, then this is one pod you are not going to want to miss!


Leadership is a funny thing.  People talk about it a lot, but very few leaders know how to effectively lead in an inspirational and godly way, and that’s what today’s worship leader podcast will show you.


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Worship Devotions- Keep Watch

keep watchHabakkuk 2:1
I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

You may not feel it as a worship leader, but we are called to keep watch. We are part of the leadership in the church, and so our brief includes the need to be a sentinel on the ramparts for our people.  It is no accident that the Lord has placed us in this position, because it is the ideal place for us to be able to watch and see what is going on in the church!

When you stand before the congregation you have a unique opportunity to look across the people, see the expression on their faces, and pray for them.  So don’t waste this incredible opportunity!  Rather than simply looking across the audience, why not ask the Lord to give you insight and understanding for each of the people out there.  You may see someone hurting, someone lonely, maybe even someone with evil lurking in their heart.  You job is not to publically embarrass them, or to rebuke them, but to pray for them and ask God to move in their hearts as they worship!

You also have the opportunity to understand where the church is at with regards worship.  You can sense the atmosphere, any hesitancy or whether they are willing to plunge deeper into worship with you.  As you ask the Lord for diving understanding, you can set the right tempo for the meeting, and allow His Spirit to touch their lives in a new and fresh way.

Very few people in the church have the opportunity to see what you can see as you lead worship, so don’t squander what the Lord has called you to!  Look, learn, understand, pray and lead your congregation, because you are one of the watchman (or watch-woman) of your church, and God can use you to touch lives across your church.

worship leader podcastOuch, this worship leader podcast is controversial, but absolutely necessary!  Overbearing leadership is common in churches, and whether your leader or pastor is doing to you, or you are doing it to your worship team, or both, this is an absolutely must listen to pod!

 This Controversial Worship Leader Podcast Might Change Your Ministry Forever!

Learning how to respond to unreasonable or overbearing leadership is a great key in ministry.  Sooner or later, you are going to face this problem, and knowing how to respond in a godly and graceful manner is extremely important.  This is especially true of you are the one being overbearing, and it is so easy to do when you are in leadership, especially if things are not going 100% your way.

[simpleazon-image align=”left” asin=”1400314208″ locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”71″]So settle back and let Darin and Erick take you through a very touchy subject, with their usual grace and poise… OK, and a few jokes and tons of helpful advice… and a Top 5 that strikes right at the heart of the issues, and how you can respond in the right way.

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