Your leadership style is the way you lead your team, and having an awareness of the style in which you lead can help you as you lead the worship team.

Leadership Style Can Affect Everything!

Leadership style can make a world of difference.  It encompasses how you lead, how you inspire your team, and also how you deal with conflict within your team.

There are many different styles of leadership and each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to leading a team.  Some styles are controlling, some are more empowering for your team, but even this style comes with risks. as a leader, you need to discover your style, and then apply the strengths of your leadership style to bring the best out of your team.

So do you inspire your team?  Do you control them to pursue an excellent result? Or do you empower your team to take the lead and inspire others to greatness?  Remember, being a worship leader is not about singing, it is not about playing well, or even about arranging music…  Being a worship leader is about leading your team in a way that inspires and challenges them. In the end, it is all about leadership style!

All worship leaders want to make a difference.  All of you reading this want to become great leaders, but frequently excelling in leadership takes courage to inspire, and also allow your team members to make mistakes and grow in their musical gifting.

Having the right leadership style for your specific situation can make an enormous difference in your ministry, so listen to this podcast and learn how to lead your team more effectively.  Remember, leadership is not just something you are born to, not something you are trained in, it is something that you can learn and grow into.  Yes, you can learn how to lead your worship team in a more inspiring and influential way, and this pod will help you understand your style and how you can bring the  =best out in and through your ministry…