If you want to become a great worship leader, you need to understand and follow these steps to better leadership.

Ah, leadership, it’s an all but forgotten art at times, especially when it comes to worship leading. Most worship leaders think they can just play music, close their eyes and worship the Lord and their entire band and the whole congregation will just follow along and be insanely happy, right?

Wrong! To leader powerful worship you need to learn how to lead the troops as well as the congregation, so this is just the podcast you need to improve your leadership skills! These are the Steps to Better Leadership you need to succeed!

These apply to any leadership position, and so in this awesome podcast we look at what it takes to be a great leader, and how you can bring the very best out of your worship team.  It’s a must for every praise and worship leader today!

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Being a new praise and worship leader can be one of the scariest ministries in the church.  It is not so much whether you can sing or play, but the very fact that you have to lead your congregation to a deep relationship and experience of the Lord can be a scary thing.  Doing this with a group of talented and gifted people can also make becoming a new praise and worship leader terrifying!


The First Challenge of Being a Praise and Worship Leader


Praise and worship leaderEvery church ministry has its challenges, but becoming a praise and worship leader is one of the most public areas of the church.  This means that everything you do, sing and say is in front of the people who know you best, your strengths and your weaknesses, and the end product of your ministry is one of the most controversial in the church.


The first major challenge for a praise and worship leader is the fact that you are public, because if you make mistakes, everybody knows!


The Second Challenge of Being a Praise and Worship Leader


The second challenge is that you are working with a group of talented, gifted and often very sensitive individuals.  Being a praise and worship leader is first and foremost about leading, leading your congregation in worship but also leading your team.


Most often the praise and worship leader faces a team who are more talented in music than they are, and this is indeed a challenge!  However, you must remember that your calling is to lead, not play and sing and be a star!  Leadership skills are vital at this point, because many of your team will be sensitive to criticism, sometimes prideful and often aggressive about their sound.


The praise and worship leader must lead with dignity, honesty and genuine love for their team.  They must be firm but kind, available always and often they become a counsellor as well as a worshipper.  Leading your team involves musical knowledge, sensitivity to the Lord and a pastor’s heart of love!


The Third Challenge of a Praise and Worship Leader


The third challenge is to lead the congregation closer to God.  It sounds easy, but any praise and worship leader will tell you it is not that easy!  You need to keep your heart right before the Lord, your spirit gentle and open and you need to take chances and put the people before your own musical tastes and desires.


Above all, you have to be a humble servant, serving your team, the congregation, your pastor and the Lord Himself.


The challenges for a praise and worship leader are great, but with a humble heart, the right training and sensitive leadership you can rise to the challenge.  If God calls you to this ministry, rejoice and start training because with the right attitude and a little bit of learning I believe you can become a great praise and worship leader!

If you have been leading is worship for any length of time you will realize that there are mornings but don’t go well!  Even those experienced in leading praise and worship will have good days and bad days, but the big questions after you have a day when things do not go right are how do you face it, how do you overcome it and how do you not to repeat it?

Leading Praise and Worship is Not That Easy!

The first thing to point out is that leading praise and worship is not easy!  It is a ministry that requires you to discipline yourself, train yourself, and seek God with all your heart, allowing Him to lead, guided and shape the way you lead worship.  When you have a day leading praise and worship where things do not go to plan, it is natural to blame yourself, your preparation or your team and feel like a failure!  Your pride may have gotten the way, your leadership skills may be questioned, and you will feel disheartened and disillusioned.

However, the overwhelming reason for worship not going well has nothing to do with your pride, the state of your heart or God trying to embarrass you!  The main reason people do poorly at leading praise and worship is that they are untrained and unprepared for the job they have taken on.

Leading Praise and Worship

It Can Happen, Even If You Are Experienced in Leading Praise and Worship!

The fact is that “a bad day at the office” can happen to anyone, even the most experienced at leading praise and worship!  You might have sound problems, technical problems, difficulties with members of your band, or simple things like the breaking of a guitar string.  You may have had a fight with someone just before you went on, there may be trouble brewing within the church congregation or there may be no other explicable reason for any of this to take place.  The question is not necessarily what causes the morning to come out, but rather what is your response?

Leading Praise and  Worship When Everything Goes Wrong!

Speaking as someone who has been leading praise and worship for over 20 years, in everything from home groups and churches to stadiums, the most important thing to remember is that leading praise and worship is not about you!  I know if things do not go according to plan that I feel embarrassed, disillusioned and let down, and I feel like getting angry at myself, my band or even God.  It is in these moments that I pause and remember that leading praise and worship is not about promoting myself, making me look good or making me feel good because the job was well-done it is about leading the people in my church to be the worship of the Lord!  As John 3:30 says, “He must become greater and I must become less!”  If I examine myself and no problem with my heart is revealed, the reason for the morning going poorly could be anyone of 1000 reasons completely unrelated to my walk with God!  Leading praise and worship is a spiritual journey, and as in life not every day is one of triumph!

If you have had experience leading praise and worship that you feel has not gone well, and you know what your heart you want to serve the Lord in this area with humility, then the best advice I can give you is to get some training.  If you learn the basics on leading praise and worship, and if you understand how to structure a great worship time and flow with the Spirit wherever He leads, then you will find that the number of times worship fails will decrease.  If you get the basics right then press in to the Lord, you will find but you’ll have more incredible case of worship and less what have leading disasters!

Leading Praise and Worship Requires Training

If you get practical and powerful worship leader training, and keep your heart humble then you will find that almost every time you are leading praise and worship will be a powerful and wonderful experience!