lead bad worshipOK, I know it sounds like a crazy topic for a worship leader podcast, but learning how to lead bad worship and what makes worship leading really bad can be a stepping stone to learning how to lead worship which is great and awesome!

So it’s about time you learned how to lead bad worship, right?

In this pod we will actually teach you what you can do to really mess up your worship leading and make it terrible… super terrible!  It will be a lot of fun, it will also make a lot of sense and the end result is you will see phenomenal results in your worship leading and avoid some of the classic pitfalls that so many worship leaders face, and fall victim to!

So settle back and listen to this amazing and incredibly fun pod, and learn how to lead bad worship… then do the opposite, right!

Plus, if you really want to avoid discovering how to lead bad worship, then check out out exclusive video on the Top 10 Mistakes Worship leaders Make… it is definitely worth a look, and in a few minutes you could improve your worship leading and avoid potential embarrassment (and we all want to do that!)