Smoke Machines and Laser Lights are often used as part of the modern church worship experience.  Now if you go to a secular conference or concert, you will see the same thing… Smoke and Laser Lights everywhere, providing a spectacular and exciting show.

But are Smoke Machines and Laser Lights Necessary for Great Worship?

I often hear people jokingly say, “The presence of God was not in church this morning because the smoke machine was broken.”

Now, this may be a joke of sorts, but if you go to most modern churches, you can see the point.  Many are magnificent spectacles, lights, lasers, smoke, darkened rooms, and one wonders whether people can actually worship God without all that stuff.

And I must confess, I actually like all that spectacular stuff!  I love the excitement and visual stimulation that incredible presentations like this provide. However, I do not for a moment believe that we need anything technical to usher in the presence of God in worship.

That’s what this podcast is all about… We ask the big question, Do we need smoke machines and laser lights to truly worship, and if we don’t, why do so many churches use them? Is it that we need to relate to the young generation?  Is it that we feel the need to hide substandard worship behind smoke and mirrors?  Are they just great fun, and they catch the attention of a world seemingly obsessed with shiny objects, more and more spectacular films and shows and anything new and, well, laserish?

Whether your church is a laser and smoke lovin’ place or not, check out this slightly controversial podcast.  In all seriousness, we are not just slamming lasers and smoke, but we are suggesting that if your church cannot afford such a visual display, then genuine, heartfelt and powerful worship will attract people more than smoke, lasers and a spectacular performance.