Controlling your keyboard player might seem like an easy thing, but it’s often harder than you might expect.

Generally, its not a question of volume when it comes to keyboard players, unlike drummers for example, because they have a volume knob and can be turned down.

When we talk about keyboards, we are referring to the players who play both piano and traditional keys.  These days, of course, you can turn the keys down in the mix, so volume isn’t the issue.  The main challenge with a keyboard player is what they play. If they are primarily piano, then you need one thing from them, but if they are keys, then you need them to play in a specific way.

Your Keyboard Player Can Add Unbelievable Atmosphere!

The prize is that, if you can control your keyboard player, you can create a wonderful, anointed and amazingly awesome atmosphere.

And this atmosphere can add a tremendous anointing to almost every aspect of worship, from the praise section to the worship, from before the worship opens and right through to the response time.

In all aspects of worship, a well-played and sensitively applied keyboard can add a whole host of blessing to your congregation.

So settle back, especially if you are in lockdown (like I am right now), because COVID 19 can’t stop you getting the best from your keyboard player and indeed your entire worship team.  You will not be locked away forever you know, because soon this virus will be passed and your role as a worship leader will be to lead the people and inspire your church members to come back to the church.

So take the time and learn how to cope with, and get the very best from your keyboardists.  You’ll be glad that you took the 12 minutes to learn these principles…