what has happened to your joyGalatians 4:15
What has happened to all your joy?

Paul asks a good question of the Galatians, and I think it is a great question for us worship leaders today… what has happened to your joy?

Joy is something we need more of across the Body of Christ, and especially in seemingly successful churches!  Sometimes we have so many great programs and get so busy, that somewhere along the way we lose the joy we are supposed to have.  And in most churches, this is especially true of worship leaders!

With rehearsals, practices, teaching, rosters, preparation for services and one on one meetings with team members, a worship leader’s life can be pretty full.  Yes it is all necessary, and yes it is a great way to serve the Lord in your ministry, but I confess, with all the pressures of life I sometimes lose the joy.  So how can we not neglect our calling and service, but rediscover the joy that may have faded in our lives?

I always start in my devotional times, because that is the greatest joy of my walk with God.  Take the time to really press into Him, not for a revelation or even inspiration.  Don’t have any ulterior motives at all, just spend time with Him because you love Him and take the time to rest in Him.

Next, rediscover the joy of playing or singing music.  Put your favourite song on loud and sing or play, jam with a friend or just relax with headphones on and disappear into the world or music. There is nothing quite like playing an awesome riff or hitting that special note, is there?

Take the time to rest and enjoy the gifts and ministries the Lord has given you, and you will find that joy which is easily lost in the hustle and bustle of ministry life!

worship leader podcast joyHi and welcome to the all singing, all dancing, BIG worship leader podcast 100th birthday celebration!  A century of pods all about worship leading, designed for people just like YOU!  What a joy to have been able to share this journey with so many of you from around the world, and what a joy to be able to share a pod about what a joy it is to be in this ministry!


Confused?  Well, we are not!  There are so many aspects of being a praise and worship leader that bring us joy, that we wanted to put together a special pod just to share the love, and the joy of what we all do!  And the pod team are all here to reveal their innermost secrets, and what really brings them joy.  Is it seeing people lost in worship?  Is it playing an awesome chord or a beautiful arrangement.? Is it introducing a new song that immediately takes off?  You will have to grab a cup of tea or coffee and listen to find out for yourself.


So if your ministry is getting tired, stale, too business like or just needs a small injection of joy, then this is the absolutely not-to-be-missed worship leader podcast of the year!  It’s fun, revealing, challenging and if this does not bring you some joy in your ministry, we will give you your money back… hey, wait a minute, they’re free!  OK, we will just pray for you!

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