journey of worship leadingWorship leading is not just about standing up in front of a congregation and singing a few songs… It should be a journey that as praise and worship leaders we have the privilege of leading our congregations into.


So what do I mean by the journey of worship leading?

This boils down to your perception of your role as a praise and worship leader. Many people feel that leading worship is just about singing songs, but to become a great worship leader you need to go beyond song leading and actually lead people on the journey of worship, from where they are in their life currently right to the throne of the Almighty!

Many times this journey is likened to the old Testament Temple, where you lead people from the outer courts through the holy place and into the holy of holies, where the spirit of God dwells between the cherubim.

The main point is this… People come to church and they are often not in a position to connect with God. They may have just had a fight with their spouse, been arguing with the kids or had heavy week at work, and they come to church carrying burdens and troubles in their lives.

Our job as praise and worship leaders is to not leave them there and sing songs at them, but to gently take them by the hand and lead them deeper and further into the presence of God!

If the longing of your heart is to lead people to Christ again and again, if the cry of your heart is to see your congregation worshiping at a level that they have never reached before, then this is a podcast you need to listen to!

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