Jealousy can become a destructive force in any worship team.

You know the drill… someone else does something better than you, or someone else sees you doing something better than them.  Without doubts, jealousy and rivalry is a curse in almost every band on earth, but it is a particularly destructive element in your worship team!

Jealousy is More than a Feeling

Jealousy is more than just envying someone else’s ability. It can take many forms, and all of them are bad!  In fact, many worship teams have been blown apart by jealous individuals, and especially if those people are envious of the leader of the team.  Attacks against leadership can ruin the fellowship of a worship team and can destroy the anointing of the team what they need the Holy Spirit most… When they are leading their church in worship!

So why do we tolerate such a destructive force in our worship teams?  Part of the reason is that much of this sin, and it is a sin, folks, happens internally… In our heads.  So we might smile sweetly and look like we are rejoicing in someone else’s ability and skill, but underneath we are fuming and wishing we were like them.  This is a hidden sin in our life, and people only recognise it when suddenly bad attitudes or behaviour comes out.

In this podcast, the guys discuss jealousy both from yourself towards others, and from them towards you, and how you can make your worship team a jealousy-free zone.  And if you truly want to excel in your worship leading, this is a problem you need to deal with swiftly and lovingly, because it has the power to truly destroy all your good work and your dreams of the future in your ministry!

So listen to this podcast and don’t be jealous of anyone else, because God has anointed you to be you… Just make sure you are the best you!