Worship Leader Podcast

101- How to Upgrade Your Sound System

When you upgrade your sound system at church, it can be a confusing ordeal, with experts having a variety of opinions.

Who Do You Believe When You Have to Upgrade Your Sound System?

OK, there are a million experts, each with their own opinions.  And guess what, every opinion involves spending a lot of money.  Money which most churches do not have at their disposal!

In this pod, we talk about what you actually need to upgrade your sound system to make it modern, clear and rich in its sound. We cut through the confusion and examine low cost, high quality additions that most churches can actually afford.

And let’s face it, there are loads of different places you can put your money when it comes to sound equipment.  The thing is, you want to have the best bang for back you can get, making sure that what you do buy is going to be great value for money, practical and above all, give you the best sound you can possibly have for the least amount of money.

So if you want to upgrade anything, from on stage to front of house, from speakers to sound desks, from mics to instruments, then listen to this 12 minutes and make the right choices, and the most effective choices.  Check it out now…