99- Arranging a Song

arranging a song

Arranging a song is where the art of being a worship leader is well seen.

And Arranging a Song is Also Fun!

In church, we all sing many of the same songs, but it is in the arrangements where we as worship leaders get a license to be creative, and innovative.

You might start slow, or upbeat. You might go up a key. You might even change the whole style of what you play, making the worship song a rock song, or a ballad, or reggae! There is not set way to do an individual song, so this is where your creative juices can begin to flow.

As a worship leader, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like arranging a song in a new way that touches people’s hearts more effectively.  It is something we should all strive to achieve, and it is something all of us can do to a great or lesser extent, whether we have 2 band members or a 50 voice choir.

This pod is all about arranging worship sings so they are new, fresh, innovative and most of all, yours and your churches. Don’t just churn out what some other group has put on YouTube, learn to arrange songs to make them special, and individual for your people…

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay