We have looked at teams, but what does a healthy worship leader look like?

If you lead worship, this is a great guide to see how you are doing, how your attitude and life is doing, and it will help identify how you can get even better at leading worship..

So settle back, relax and spend some time with the craziest and funnest guys in the worship leading sphere, and do a quick check on your life and walk with God as you find out what a truly healthy worship leader looks like…


We all know what a worship team looks like, but what does a healthy one look like?

Do you need to be doing exercises and eating healthy to have a healthy worship team?  Of course not, but a healthy worship team does have certain characteristics that you can foster to make your worship team all that it can possibly be!

In this exciting podcast, we examine what make’s truly healthy team, including the lives of the team members, the way they interact and the way you lead worship.

So if you want a healthy worship team, one that leads worship in unity and truth, and does so with an element of fun, then listen to this pod!