23- Harmonies… Learn the Art and Make Worship Sound Awesome!


Harmonies… one of the most difficult, challenging yet incredibly satisfying aspects of singing, and of worship leading.

Harmonies have always been an area that even many accomplished singers find difficult to master. So OK, it’s a challenge, but hey, who doesn’t want to rise to a challenge, especially one that musicians and singers find so exciting.

And they are exciting. A beautiful harmony will inspire the people singing it, and harmonies will blow your congregation out of the water! If you want to catapult your worship team into the spiritual stratosphere, if you want people deeply touched and blessed by your worship leading, then harmonies are definitely a way to do this.

And they are not as difficult as everyone would have you believe.  You can learn them, train in them and you can teach your team simple ways they can use a 3rd or 5th part harmony to make your worship sound stunning and amazing.

Generally, in worship practice, we spend hours working with a team of musicians, trying to get our sound as a worship team to be amazing. We know that a great sound in the band makes it easier for people to worship.  Yet I am telling you now that simple music and amazing 3 or 4 or 5 part harmony will impress people more, and open their hearts amazingly more than nicely played music.

Learning how to sing harmony takes time, takes practice and takes commitment and patience, but trust me, the end will justify the hard work.

As a singer, there is very little in your craft that will satisfy as much as harmony singing.

So if you want your worship leading to get to the next level, then learn harmonies and teach your team how to sing in harmonies. This podcast will start one of the most incredible learning experiences you will ever experience…