Learning how to resurrect a great song is a skill we should all have in worship leading.

Resurrect a Great Song

As we discussed last week on the pod, so many churches kill off great songs, mainly by flogging them to death. We take a perfectly good song and ruin it, and then throw it on the scrap heap of worship life.

There are so many really good songs that we have simply discarded because they were flogged to death by worship leaders.  Songs like Shout to the Lord and Shine Jesus Shine, which were good in their day, have been more or less abandoned. Even if a song was once a great song, many people are just over them today.

So is there any hope for these songs? Picture this… we take one of these once loved tunes and we give it a different style, a different feel, perhaps we start it a fresh and new way, or make an acapella version of it.

There are loads of ways you can breath new life into a once great song, and that’s exactly what the guys discuss in this pod.  They will share new, innovative ideas that will allow you, and your congregation, to rediscover anew the beauty and wonder of songs that were once loved but have fallen into disrepute.   Simple ideas and technique could make all of the difference as you rediscover the awesomeness of some songs you might have thought gone forever!

In this podcast, Darin and Erick take 12 minutes to discuss how you can resurrect those seemingly destroyed songs. This is a great podcast to head into Easter with… The theme of resurrection!