Learning how to take criticism is something we all are going to face at some time in our worship leading ministry.
And let’s face it, people can be brutal.  Especially when something as emotive as music in church is involved!  And you’ll find they are sometimes more than happy to criticise you for the craziest things, like how loud the music was or somebody else having a guitar out of tune.   If you are standing up and seeking to lead people into the presence of God, the devil is going to use every way he can to attack you! That’s why this podcast on how to take criticism in a godly, honourable and humble way is going to be so valuable for you!
In today’s episode, Erick and Darin discuss the sources of criticism, noting that most of the people who have something negative to say about you cannot even hope to do what you do in leading worship!  But they go on to discuss strategies on how you can respond in a godly way, rather than react in an angry, harsh or vindictive manner!

Learn How to Take Criticism the Godly way!

Nothing is off limits, and everything is completely honest and helpful.  Darin even reveals some of the recent attacks he has faced (trivial and all).
Trust me if you are up on stage, someone is going to take a shot at you, so all of us as leaders need to learn how to take criticism, and to do so in a godly, humble and loving way. Learn how you can take criticism the right way in this amazing and highly practical worship leader podcast.
And hey, if you haven’t yet seen our fantastic video series,

The Top 10 Mistakes Worship Leaders Make 

(And How to Avoid Them)

Then click the link and please watch it for free.  It could save you tons of pain in your worship leading ministry, and if you avoid these mistakes, you could also avoid a lot of criticism!