Generations and ages may differ between people, and even between churches, but here at the pod, we believe that each generation brings something different and important to worship leading.

So What Does Your Generation Bring to Worship?

We all know there is often a difference between the generations, and especially when it comes to music and in particular worship music.

Worship should be something that unites the generations, not divides them.  So often in church, the leadership opts for one age group at the expense of the others.  Some churches are all about old people, old people’s music and style. Others are all for youth, with laser lights and smoke machines, and a volume that drives the older people screaming from the auditorium!

We believe that every generation brings something different, useful and valid to worship leading in church.  Surely our task as worship leaders is to see the good in every age group.  We are different, but every difference can be celebrated as we work with worship leading to bring the generations together.  So whatever generation you belong to, whether you are older, younger or somewhere in between, you have something to offer to your church in worship leading.

So what does, or at least, what can each generation bring to the table.  You may not realise the kinds of traits each age group brings, but this podcast will open your eyes to new and effective ways to bring the generations together around worship, right across every age group in your church!

This podcast takes 12 minutes to look at the various generations, both young and old, and how each can make a positive and unique commitment to worship… Have a listen, and start to see the wonderful contributions every age group can make to worship in your church.