308- What do the Words Say?

What do the words say in the songs we are choosing for worship leading?

This is an important question because many times we find ourselves as worship leaders choosing songs that we like, or songs that are current. And let’s face it, some of the songs have some pretty uninspiring and even questionable lyrics, don’t they?

So What do the Words Say?

What do the words say in the songs we are choosing, and how can we choose songs that are more uplifting, and specifically pointing to Jesus Christ as opposed to songs which are focussed on us?

I believe that we need to take note of the words of the songs when we choose them and that as we run one song into another when it comes to music, so our songs also should be compatible when it comes to the lyrics.

In this podcast we discover that uninspiring words are not a new thing, and we even look at a classic hymn that was written specifically to combat the plethora of ordinary and even heretical lyrics that were being sung in the church at that time.  Yes, folks, believe it or not we have been here before!

So this is not a shot at new songs and a claim that all old songs are lyrically sound!  This is an honest attempt to examine the types of words we are singing in church, and to honestly ask the question, “What do the words say?”  In any age, there are songs with great words and those with less than stellar words.  That is the point of this podcast… let us examine the words we are asking our congregations to sing, whether it be in brand new songs or in older songs.

If we are leading people into the presence of the Lord, the words are important, and we owe it to our churches to select songs with words that point to Christ, and exalt Him!  Listen, learn and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast