Worship Leader Podcast

74- How to Flow in Worship Leading

Do you want to learn how to flow in your worship leading?

Then this is the podcast for you.

You can flow in worship leading!

Learn how you can roll from one song to another, and how you can blend songs together in just 12 minutes. This takes you from just leading a series of sings, to leading a continuous path of worship, taking your congregation from the pews right into the presence of the Lord!

With a few ideas, worship can go from being the same type of thing week after week to something dynamic, something spe3cial and something, well, flowy! You can make your worship an event that people will not only enjoy, but that can leave a lasting effect upon their life, and open them to a deeper sense of worship and closeness to God.

There are steps you can take and techniques you can use that encourage flow in your worship, so tune in and anjoy 12 minutes that could change your life and your worship leading