79- Leading by Inspiration

Leading by inspiration is the best way to lead whatever group you are working with, and it is an especially powerful way of leading a worship team.

Leading by Inspiration Inspires Everything You Want from Your Team!

Inspiring your team is a tremendous way to not only achieve the worship goals you have, but to do so while developing the gifts and talents of each individual.

Many leaders fail to inspire their teams.  Many lead by trying to control them, by demanding loyalty while failing to inspire them.  OK, this can work to a degree, but it really struggles to bring the best out of your team, and out of each of them individually.

Leadership is about inspiring your people to greater heights. It is about encouraging them to be all that they can be, exploring the depths of their character and having them step forward and truly improve their singing or musical skills.  It inspires them to add creativity and new ideas to the mix, to make the end product better than it would otherwise be.

And when you inspire your team, they become more loyal than ever before, because they can see that you are invested in them as people.  Not pawns in a political game, but real people, with real talents and gifts and real personalities.

So take 12 minutes to invest in your leadership abilities and learn to lead by inspiration as you worship.  Remember, your task as a worship leader is not just to sing or make music, it is to develop your team to become the very best they can possibly be.  So don’t just lead singing, and don’t just lead worship.  Lead a team that grows and becomes evey=rything that God would have them be!