The drummer… we all love drummers, but many times, especially in a small church, they can be difficult, even impossible to control.

The drums are the heart and soul of your worship music.  They do not just keep the beat, they provide the atmosphere to enable you to take the worship where you believe God wants it to go.

Learning to Control Your Drummer is Best for Everyone

I love drummers, and I love the power and majesty they bring to worship.  They are brilliant for injecting real energy into the mix, and if they are good, they are a huge asset.

So we are going to talk about the various aspects of drumming, and the various attitudes you may encounter in your drummers. From the smaller church where everyone complains, he is too loud, to the huge church where his style of drumming might not suit your worship, we reveal easy, fun and gentle ways of influencing your drummer.

And trust me, you are not going to want to get your drummer offside!  They can be a huge asset if loved, encouraged and guided, but a major pain if they grow an attitude, which sadly many drummers are prone to do.  So we explore better options than putting a cage around them, or sending them down the street and around the corner!  Like anyone on your team, you are well advised to work with them rather than against them.  Unity is essential to great, soulful worship!

In this pod, we share simple and proven ways that you can not only control the noise level and playing of your drummer but also bring the best out in his gifting.  And we can do it all with a smile on our face and love in our hearts.

If you lead a worship team, you better not miss this exciting 12 minutes…