Dealing with worship team disagreements can make or break you as a worship leader.

However brilliant you are at actually leading worship, you have to lead a team who are not always on the same page as you and do so with a spirit of unity and love. And if you are leading any group, including worship teams, you are going to have some sort of conflict at some point.  Conflict is inevitable, but it is how you deal with it, and indeed how you harness the conflict that really matters in the long run.

Worship Team Disagreements Can be Positive

The fact is that worship team disagreements can become a plus for you and your team.  Handling it properly can build real support and help your team to have confidence and even develop loyalty when they see you under pressure making wise and godly decisions.  The question is, how  can you deal with worship team disagreements in a godly and honourable way?

This podcast looks at how you should deal with worship team disagreements in your church, and it might just usher in a fresh unity and power in your worship leading…