Worship Leader Podcast

86- How to Have a Merry COVID Christmas

This year is going to be a COVID Christmas for many of our worship leaders around the world, but it doesn’t mean we cannot still have a merry Christmas.

COVID Christmas is Still Our Opportunity to Shine

Now more than ever we need worship leaders, pastors and churches to stand up and proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ is God’s gift to a fallen world. And we should not let a little thing like a worldwide pandemic stop us!

So many people are trying to just go through the motions of having Christmas this year, being the crazy, strange year it has been, so I believe this offers a unique opportunity for those of us blessed to be ministering.

After all, the message is still the same, the need is still the same and despite what the media might tell you, God still exists and is still on the throne!

So tune in to this podcast and get excited about sharing the message for Christmas with a needy world.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay