Coping with devastating sadnessCoping with devastating sadness is never easy, and if you have to lead worship while you are trying to fathom the depths of sadness, is can be even more difficult,  I know because this is what I am going through right now with my father dying.

Leading worship is an emotional experience, and I believe that the Lord can use even sadness as fuel for an incredible worship time.  When we are weak, He is strong, so when we are sad, the Lord can use this to His glory.


I am not suggesting that we downplay or ignore feelings like sadness, hurt or frustration, and I am not convinced that simply telling yourself to “cheer up and lead worship” is the answer.  Last Sunday I led worship, and as I thought about the Lord and concentrated on Him, my sadness began to lift.  Surely there will be people there in your church who need the tonic of worship to lift them above the trials and troubles they face?  Surely we can allow a gracious God to use our pain to bless someone else?


Let us not be so self absorbed, even in the midst of devastating loss, that we forget the incredible privilege and honour it is to serve, even if we have pain doing it!  That’s what this podcast is about… allow God to use us to His glory in worship, no matter what we are personally going through!


Coping with devastating sadness can lead to unbelievable times of worship if we let it and let God!