280- The Audience of One

The audience of One…

Is a phrase we used to refer to the fact that when you are leading worship, the most important part of your audience is God Himself.

When you lead worship you look across the crowd that is your congregation and you think to yourself,” I wonder what they are thinking of my worship leading, and why they are not fully engaging in worshipping the Lord.”

It’s moments like these that we need to remember the audience of One, the fact that God is your only true audience, and the one whose approval you need to seek over and above anybody else.

And yet in all this, we are human so we do worry about what people think, and whether we are doing a good job in the eyes of our pastor, and our congregation. This pod cast is designed to get you to think about why you are leading worship, and whom you are offering worship to… Is it to people, or is it to the audience of One?

Although we talk about leading worship for the Lord, we need to minimise the effect that worrying about what people are thinking can have on us.

Being human, and living in the real world, we tend to rely on our eyes and on perceived responses from people as we lead worship, I can’t they raising their hands or are they singing loudly.

When we discover the truth that we are truly only singing and performing for the audience of One, it can free you from the fear of man and from concern about how your worship time appears to be going and it can release you into the realm of higher praise.

So as you listen to this podcast, sit back and think about who your real audience is. Are you singing, playing and leading worship for the people, for the pastor, for yourself, or are you truly leading worship for the audience of One?

Connecting with and engaging your congregation… We all have to face this, worship leaders,  no matter how accomplished we think we might be. But it seems that connecting and engaging your congregation is easier said than done, right?

Ways of Engaging Your Congregation

We look out across the audience and see some people engaged, and some looking bored, checking their cell phones and so on.  How do you engage them in worship when they look like they’re not interested?  How do you peak their interest, and somehow cause those who are actually bored with worship to want to engage with you as you lead them?

And perhaps the greater question is, where are you leading them, and how are you leading them?

Now we all know that you will never engage all of the people all of the time.  You have no control over where their hearts are at, what they are thinking if they have had a fight on the way to church or anything else.  We recognise that in any church there are those who long to worship, no matter how bad the worship leading is, there are those who will never worship because their hearts and heads are not in the right spot, and there are also those who want to worship but need something to change in order for you to lead them effectively.

So what is is that you need to change to engage your congregation effectively?

In this podcast, we explore the many and varied ways in which even novice worship leaders can effectively connect with and lead their people. We have a cracking Top 5 with loads of great advice, and we have heart felt sharing from the guys as they open up about their struggles to engage their people.

So this is a must for all worship leaders… grab a cuppa, take a little time and learn how to engage your congregation before you lose their interest altogether.


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In your worship leading are you leading, pushing or leaving your people behind?

I’m sure you want to answer “Leading them”, but so often we are on stage doing our thing and the congregation is being left behind, abandoned by your worship leading while you surge on ahead. Or alternatively, you are constantly pushing them to get involved, driving them as hard as you can into God’s presence, when it seems no one is really interested.

Your Worship Leading Can be More Powerful!

Why settle for driving your congregation, or leaving them behind when your worship leading could be so much more effective?  This special podcast looks at how you can actually lead people into deeper worship, and how you can make your worship leading more effective and a greater blessing for both you and your church!

It is so tempting to do your own thing, but our calling as worship leaders is to lead people in worship, not push or leave them behind.  So find out how you can lead your congregation in worship instead of pushing or abandoning them by listening to this podcast…

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Praise and Worship Leader Ad

Praise and worship leaders, this is a critical podcast that you need to hear!

praise and worship leader leading

The big question is, are you leading your congregation in worship, or are you pushing them or, as many of us do, leaving them behind?

Let me clarify each of these before you even get to today’s podcast…

LEADING worship is about taking your congregation by the hand and leading them into a more wonderful and anointed worship experience.  This is what we are called to do, this is our mandate, and this is our aim!

BUT, and here’s the painful bit, many of us do not actually lead our people.  Many of us find ourselves PUSHING people into what we thing is worship, and I can tell you that while you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make them drink, and in the same way, you can push and reluctant person to worship, but it won’t be real worship.

As a result, many of us then find ourselves LEAVING our congregation behind.  We head off into the sunset worshiping on our merry way, and the people just stand around watching the band worship and checking their cell phones!  I have seen this countless times in churches large and small, so please forgive me for being so blunt about it, but I think as praise and worship leaders, we must stop and examine what we are doing, and search for (and pray for) new and powerful ways of leading our congregation into deeper worship experiences.

That’s what this podcast is all about, so settle back, grab a cuppa and enjoy examining what you do and how you can seriously improve your ministry with our podcast team…

135- What People Really Want

Peaople really want thisAs worship leaders we should always ask ourselves what people really want.  The Spice Girls famously sang, “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want,” and this is pretty much the attitude of most members of your congregation… except that they don’t always know what it is that they want!

So in this pod, we ask the question what do people really want?

Do they want entertainment?  Do they want deep worship?  Do they want new songs?  Do they want joke and a fun atmosphere?  How will you know what they want until you ask the question?

Many worship leaders decide what they think people want and then do it, but we reckon if you are truly a servant, and you serve the Lord, the Pastor and the congregation before your own needs and desires, then you need to find out what your congregation wants, and move to meet that need.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… Discovering what people really want (What they really, really want!)


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This worship leader podcast is about waking up a sleeping congregation, and I am, not talking about playing louder!  As a worship leader, there will be times when even a great congregation does not seem to respond, and rather than let them slumber or have a flat worship time, perhaps you should listen to the podcast and discover ways that you can gently draw them into a more engaged and wonderful worship experience.  So, dear listener, check it out below…


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worship leading podcast worship leader podcast

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