286- Compared to What?

As worship leaders, we are often compared to others, both within our church or on You Tube, and if others are not comparing us, then we do it to ourselves.

So Erick and I thought we would do a podcast on comparisons, and ask what or who are you compared to?

As a Worship Leader, You’re Compared to What?

The thing is when we compare ourselves to someone else, it is a lose, lose situation… always.  If the person we are being judged with is better than us, we get depressed and feel like giving up (“I’ll never be as good as him/her!”)  If the person we are being compared to is worse than us, it feeds into our pride and makes us puffed up and haughty.  Like I said, it is a lose, lose situation, so anytime we are tempted to compare ourselves with others it is never going to end well!

But we cannot stop others comparing us with their favourite worship leader, can we?  Oh, they do it so much better than you, they sing that song with so much more conviction… it goes on and on, and once again, the end result is never going to be positive!

So how can you handle being compared to another worship leader, either by yourself or by someone else?  How can you respond, and how can you protect yourself from this most devasting and destructive pastime?

Today we take a frank, honest and sometimes painful look at comparisons and how we as worship leaders can rise above it all to become the worship leaders we are destined to be.  The unique, different, anointed worship leader, the one that doesn’t need comparisons but follows the Lord’s leading and serve with all his or her heart.  The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you

The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you, not to be compared to somebody else, but to be you, the best you that you can possibly be.  Have a listen and tell us what you think…

Comparisons in worship leadingComparisons are a part of life, probably from when we are sill young kids (she walked at 9 months but he didn’t walk until 14 months!), but this worship leader podcast explores whether comparing yourself to others, either in your team or in other churches, is helpful.

Join the pod team as they discuss comparisons in worship leading, whether they are good or bad, helpful or not.

Thing is, if you compare yourself to others all the time, it is pretty much NEVER good.  If someone else is better then you at singing, playing or leading, you feel discouraged.  If you are better than someone else, you feel prideful.  Either way, we don’t believe that God is glorified in either of these!

So how you do face the inevitable comparisons, because even if you don’t do this, someone else will for sure, saying things like, “I think you’re a better worship leader than so and so.”

You cannot escape it, so this week the pod team discuss how you can deal with the odious comparisons that will follow you no matter what.  What is a godly response, and how can we protect ourselves from the damage and jealousy that this sort of behaviour inevitably causes?

Grab a cup of something nice, and an open mind, because this is a pivotal problem we all face so check out today’s worship leader podcast…