If you are involved in church worship then chances are you are searching for some worship leading tips to help you do a better job.  While a few worship leading tips here and there will not replace a full worship training course.

The Top 5 Worship Leading Tips

5. Don’t Overcomplicate Arrangements- Some of the best and most loved songs of all time are simple, yet many modern praise and worship songs are so incredibly complex!  Try to keep your arrangements simple and you will find your musicians able to play them, and your congregation able to sing them!

4. Choose Songs that are Well Known- Your role is not to teach new songs.  This is one of the best worship leading tips you will hear: use songs that your congregation know and love.  Worship will be easier, more powerful (because they will not need to read the words) and you can still introduce new material, preferably slowly.

Worship Leading Tips3. Blend the Songs Together- You want the worship experience to be a continuous, wonderful experience, not a stop-start, clunking experience.

2. Go Up Keys to Go Up in Intensity- Modulating up a key in a song makes everyone stretch, sing louder and raises the intensity of the meeting, so do not be afraid to go up a key.  Of all the worship leading tips I am offering here, this one is the most practical for seeing an immediate effect in your worship leading.

1. Head Towards Higher Praise and Worship- I always try and start with songs about ourselves and our feelings, needs, desires, etc.  As I head through the worship time I try and culminate with a song focused on the Lord and solely on worshipping Him!

Worship Leading Tips Don’t Replace the Right Heart

Remember, these worship leading tips are not an alternative to having a right heart and a right attitude before the Lord.  They are techniques, yes, but they are most effective when coupled with a humble and serving heart.  As a leader you need to be open to not only the leading of the Holy Spirit, but also to correction from your pastor and great ideas from your team.  Use the worship leading tips but don’t forget to keep your heart right!

The King of All Worship Leading Tips

The ultimate of all of the worship leading tips I could share with you (along with keeping your walk right with the Lord) is to get some training, whether you are experienced or not.  I have been leading worship for years, yet I always try and remain open and humbly teachable so that my journey does not plateau or peter out but continues to grow in strength and power.

I am sure you want to become the very best praise and worship leader you can be.  Stay humble, stay open and stay close to the Lord.  Get some training as often as you can and apply  these worship leading tips to better your chosen and anointed gifting.

Worship training should be an essential part of preparation for the worship leader.  I have had thousands of people attend my training seminars across the world and the feedback is that they have gained valuable insights from the worship training which they would not have discovered by themselves.

Every now and then I meet someone who says, “I don’t need praise and worship training, I will just follow the Holy Spirit!”  The question is, would the Holy Spirit ever lead you to get training in your gift, and would such training ever become a valuable asset for you and your church?

Worship Training Enhances your Gift

There is no denying that praise and worship leading is a gift.  We can clearly see that some people have it, and others do not, and it is not whether the person can sing or play that determines it.  Some people sing beautifully but when they try to lead the worship service falls flat!  It’s a gift, sure, but can this gift be improved in any way?

I believe that, whatever your level of gifting, the right type of worship training will enhance the gift on your life.  You will pick up ideas and techniques which can only add a new and fresh element to your praise and worship leading and make you a better praise and worship leader.  It is the same principle that applies to a musician, or a football player.  However naturally gifted you might be, going to practice will make you a better musician or footballer.  You will learn new techniques, ideas, skills and be able to perform to a higher level.  Why should these same principles not apply to praise and worship leading?

Worship Training Keeps you Sharp

worship trainingI have been leading worship for many years, and I teach on the subject all around the world, yet I am still learning!  Frankly, I haven’t arrived yet, and if you are honest, neither have you!   I am always keen to learn more and improve my craft, and I believe that worship training keeps you sharp and helps you to continue to grow in your skills and abilities to become all that you can possibly become in the Lord.

At very least worship training will challenge you with new ideas and concepts.  It will cause you to examine how you lead and maybe modify what you are doing.  Those who decide that they do not need any worship training but only need the Holy Spirit are missing out, and they are misunderstanding the work of the Spirit in their lives.  God uses anointed, experienced worship leaders to train others, just as He uses preachers and teachers to train others in the Body of Christ!

Worship Training Makes You a Better Worship Leader

The whole purpose of worship training is to improve your worship leading ability and make you the very best leader that you can possibly be!  So whether you are average or awesome, experienced or untried, you will never lose round but will always gain when you pursue worship training!