Christmas worship leader podcastIt’s that time of the year again, and out worship leader podcast is giving you tons of great ideas for your christmas services.  Yes, it’s the great Worship Leader’s Christmas pod, just in time for all your preparations.  Erick and Chris join my to chat about the Christmas service, carols and a little bit of bah-humbug thrown in there for good measure. So, maybe the weather outside is frightful, but the fire of worship can be absolutely delightful if you tune in this week!


Mind you, where we live is hot and steamy, and we are all off to the beach!  So, maybe not so frightful weather…


Christmas Comes but Once a Year, and So Does Our Very Special Worship Leader Podcast Christmas Pod!


So settle back, grab some christmas pudding and start pudding your christmas service together, making it shine for Jesus on His birthday!  The best chance you will have all year to share the love of Christ with unbelievers is nearly upon us, and we need to make sure the worship this year is the best of the best!  Click below and enjoy…


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This worship leader podcast is the first of a couple of Christmas pods, talking about taking the X out of Xmas, and putting the Christ back into Christmas!  After 2 weeks away in India, Darin and the team are ready to critique the red suit, melt a few Frosties and shoot down a couple of reindeers exploring what you can do as a worship leader to make this Christmas time Christ centred rather than commercially driven.  Lots of frank discussion, frivolity and a touch of controversy so click below and listen to the fun on today’s worship leader podcast

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Worship Leader Podcast

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