Christmas carols are upon us once again, and many worship teams, possibly yours, are madly rehearsing for the Christmas festivities.

So This Year We Want to Make Christmas Carols Special Again!

When you sing Christmas Carols year and year, how can you make them special?  I mean, what can you do to change the drab, boring, run of the mill songs and transform them into something just awesome and incredible.

And while some of these carols are amazing and beautiful songs, some come across as very old fashioned and out of date, and this makes them especially hard to sing them in a way that modern audiences will respond to.

And I have to admit, as a worship leader, I actually spent many years just dreading this time of year!  I know it sounds a little “bah humbug” of me, but the thought of churning out the same old songs the same old way just about gave me nightmares!

Don’t worry, I have converted back to someone who loves this time of year, and part of that transformation came with being able to make these beautiful and majestic songs into something special again!

So, worship leaders, don’t be bored or negative about this time of year, because we are going to change not only your mind but also your heart where Christmas Carols are concerned.  We are about to show you that these songs can become a tremendous tool in enabling you to reach out to those who would otherwise never come to church.

That’s what this podcast is all about.  Giving you 5 ideas on how you can transform the humble carol into a spiritual and musical masterpiece!

Give us 12 minutes and we will throw some great suggestions your way as to how you can make Christmas special this year…

Christmas CarolsChristmas comes but once a year, and so does out BIG Christmas special worship leader podcast!

That’s right, if you ever wanted to know anything about how to lead powerful worship in and around Christmas, we’ll tell you how to convert your annual Christmas carol service into an amazing and anointed worship time.  We look at carols, how to select them, what your aims are for the service, and how to reach out with God’s love to those who only darken he door of a church once a year.

Better still, learn to create an incredible community Christmas Carols event, and use the opportunity to reach your community with the love of God this Christmas

So for a very merry Christmas, check out the Christmas Carols Worship Leader Podcast special!

This worship leader podcast is about, you guessed it, leading Christmas carols.  It’s that time of the year, and carols are in full swing.  Our team talk about how you can lead carols in a special and exciting way instead of churning out the old carols year after year.  If your church does Christmas carols, this will be a valuable worship leader podcast to take the time to listen to!


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