154- Is your Worship Boring?

worship boringThis worship leader podcast cuts right to the heart of our ministry…Is your worship boring

Is our worship boring?  Are people bored, are we bored with it, and maybe even is God bored?

If we are honest, sometimes we do lead boring worship, the same songs week in and week out, done exactly the same way.  Yet we don’t have to be boring, even in a church where everyone else seems boring.  We can be exciting and lead powerful praise and worship.  We can take people on a journey that thrills our congregation, challenges our worship team, excites our spirits and makes worship the most thrilling adventure people will experience on a Sunday!

SO whether you are enjoying your worship, or run the risk of leading boring, dull worship, this podcast will challenge all of us towards making praise and worship leading the most exciting part of the service, and the most exciting ministry we could possibly be privileged to be involved in.

Buckle up, keep an open mind and have a listen… we promise it will be worth it, and it won’t be too… well… boring!

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