After attending a huge convention this week, we ask the question is bigger better in worship, and do you need all that stuff when it comes to worship leading?

Bigger, Better Best?

Now I for one love all of that stuff, the excitement and spectacle of any great concert, but it makes us ask the question, are we having a concert in the church, or are we actually leading people to a worship experience that is deeper and more profound?

Does having a huge PA, lights, smoke, lasers, etc. enhance or detract from worship, and does true worship need all that stuff? This is important information for all worship leaders to consider, whether you are in a small church or a large one. We all love the modern, awesome stuff, but does having a great spectacle lead people closer to the Lord, or distract them from actually connecting at the heart level with His Spirit?

So loads to explore today, as we look to make your worship leading bigger better and more exciting, not because you have bigger better PAs or lights, but because you are truly connecting your church with heart of God.

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