How to Be Your Best Self in 2017

be your best self

How to be your best self in 2017 is the theme for our very first pod cast of the year.

So many people make New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year, and statistics tell us that fewer than 8% of New Year’s resolutions result in manifested changes in lifestyle. That means that over 92% of New Year’s resolutions are abject failures, so we would like to 2017 to be a better year than that for you!

How to Be Your Best Self in 2017

People are always telling you to be yourself. No I don’t know what yourself is normally like, but I would encourage you to not just be yourself but be your very best self!

As worship leaders, we want to inject our personalities into worship leading, which means not only being ourselves but being our very best selves. It also means that you need to be your best self off stage as well as on stage, so that the person you portray leading worship on a Sunday morning is a true reflection of your personal walk with the Lord.

In this podcast, Eric and Darren explore how you can not only have a great 2017, but how you can be your best self in 2017, making this the best year ever because you have personally grown in your skills, talents and especially in your personal life with the Lord.

So don’t sit around wondering what the next year holds, or hoping that 2017 will be a bit better than 2016. Instead, listen to today’s pod cast and make a firm commitment to be your best self in 2017, thereby making this next year the greatest year ever for your worship leading, your family, your church and most importantly your personal walk with Jesus Christ.

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