worship leader podcastToday’s worship leader podcast is about being overlooked, because sooner or later it is going to happen to you!


Maybe its a leadership position, perhaps it is being a worship leader, or maybe you just feel overlooked and unappreciated, whatever the situation you face being overlooked is a terrible and heart-breaking feeling.  You can ignore it, you can get mad and feel unjustly treated, or you can listen to this worship leader podcast and deal with the feelings, goving them all to the Lord on moving on to greater things.


So if you feel overlooked or unappreciated, this is the pod for you!  Don’t let the decision of someone else let you down, and don’t get angry about it, because the Lord will raise you up in His good timing if you do not give up.  So deal with the problem, don’t ignore it or get bitter about it, because getting through this trusting God will surely lead to greater things in your life and ministry.


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