Being a worship leader is an incredible privilege, but sometimes we can become cocky or overconfident in ourselves and our abilities, rather than relying on God.

Let’s be honest, we all struggle with pride at some time or other, and for some of us this can become a real stumbling block to not only seeing God move in our worship leading, but also seeing God move in our lives!  In Aussie vernacular, we call someone who is prideful cocky, and we also recognise that pride often comes before a fall!  (Proverbs 16:18).

So this podcast is all about not letting that happen to you!  Cocky Worship Leaders have no place in church guys!

Our cockiness can come out in all sorts of ways, from how we lead to how we speak to our team, and how we listen to and obey our spiritual oversight.  This is a revealing and open discussion, not to be missed by any who want to truly serve and honour God in their worship leading.

This podcast looks at what it is to be a cocky worship leader, and how we can avoid becoming one and rely more on the Holy Spirit to direct our worship, and our lives!  Listen and pray and make sure your heart is right before God!