Acoustic worship is one of the most popular styles of worship leading, and the great things is that, even for a small church, acoustic worship leading, even with just a solo guitar, can work sensationally.

Many churches feel that, to be contemporary, they need to have a huge band and singers, drums, bass, keyboards, screaming lead guitars, the whole deal.

But there is increasingly a place for simple, acoustic based worship leading, with maybe a couple of guitars, a little beat box and perhaps a simple keyboard.  People love it. Worship teams love it and vocals can become a major feature.

In fact Acoustic music is popular even outside of the church!

At a recent concert I attended, a rock concert by a famous secular artist, some of the most memorable songs were done not with rock music and the whole band, but by the artist out the front playing a solo acoustic guitar!

And Acoustic Worship is Cool!

It’s light to the ear, loved by most worshipers and has many other incredible advantages over the full worship team, as this pod explores…

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