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I bought a new Innsbruck Travel Trailer in July 2020. MmIyMmIzNWJkNjg4YzExZjZkNWMyNjZlZDcwOTNmYTcwOWZiM2IwY2RmOTk2 YzJhZWE2OTFhZDQyMzY2MmQ5NTNhM2Y5OGRkMmMzZWYxOWRlYjQ4MjIyMTRj camper!! Large rocker control switch. NDMwZmI3MjU3ZDQ4OTkyYmNlNzhlIn0= Do not buy anything from them. When inside, turns off and on easily with your foot. It allowed Gulf Stream Coach to put things in the Foxfire that weren’t seen in travel trailers. Various Florida campgrounds. The slideouts leak, the wiring was bad - oh wait - still bad. I leave one couch made up as bed at all times. Stock #222230 SO MANY UPGRADES AND ADDITIONS!!! If you're interested in a comfortable, modern RV, check out the Gulf Stream RV BT Cruiser Motor Home Class B Review. I will never buy from them again. Home. It has been a … Rewards You Receive. MTY5MzBjYjkzZmEyNTdkODg1NmI0MGU1Mzg3Y2ZlYmQ4NjBhYWJlZTFkNTZm Now it’s no longer flying under the radar but front and center in just about anything you see these days, including RVs. They installed the drain too tall in the bathtub. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. This Class B touring coach has been built for those who enjoy camping and driving! Someone dropped a screw driver point first on roof. Last year on the used market, that airplane commanded $45.5 million. I am a rough user. Pros: light easy on the pulling weight, comes with many extra 'fluff' that . Currently parked in a campground in Casco MaineUnit sleeps 8 comfortably. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! NzZlMDljZDUxZjQ4MTcyYWMwZDNmYjhhMmMxOGVjNTViMjM0YzU3YWJmZGQ0 She is the author of the “Live.Camp.Work.” blog, podcast and book. Or RVs. -----END REPORT-----. ZmM4ZmFlNjEwMDljZWRjYmM1YjZkZDYxZGM1MzJlNDdkNmMxYzYwMjA4OGY2 We bought our 2014 Conquest in 2013. 7 months of useless warranty service. NjdiZmNkYWU1MmY5NzRhNjg3MDhlYjA1MDk2NzE1YjRiMGEzNWI4N2EzOTI2 Whether you want a motorhome, a lightweight camping trailer or a deluxe destination trailer, Gulf Stream has a product for you. 3.9. In 2002, a new GV sold for $43.2 million. So we are out a 15,000. Review a Gulf Stream Travel Trailer . Gulf Stream cares about construction quality, and they employ three different construction methods: conventional, laminated walls and “Build a Better Way” reinforced construction. Gulf Stream’s first RV, the Foxfire travel trailer, benefited from techniques that had made their housing company successful. Person You Work For. NjhmOWJjZjEyY2EzM2QzMmNlYTA2ZjY4NjAxNmYyNjg2NjdlNWRkMjEyNjMx BT Cruiser 5210. Review 8/30/2020. What a lemon!! This is my 3rd E350. Wish I would have shopped around but we will see! I believe they use the cheapest parts they can find so make sure you do your research before you buy. Warranty is useless as the dealer stated GulfStream DOES NOT. Gulf Stream RVs has a long history of providing quality recreational vehicles and has weathered the year as a family-owned and family-operated business. More water leaks. Pinterest. Check the Gulf Stream website for updates about new releases and RV news. Latest Reviews. Choose a model, floor plan and some amenities to get a free quote from Gulf Stream. I have the 2 couch model. 1. The rest of the camper just a can full of loose screws, loose panels, bad lights, broken trim pieces bad wiring and missing parts. Product range: Gulf Stream uses a combination of galvanized steel, aluminum, wooden studs and more to keep you safe. MjMwOWZlZTBkM2M1N2UyNzg1ZjZlZGRmMTJhYjFkMTMwOCIsInNpZ25hdHVy People You Work With. ZmI3Njg2ZWVmZmJkZTY3ZjFhNDVjMzU5ZDNjYjQ3NGQ0YzQxN2ZkMWQxYzkz Dried up the mess. eyJtZXNzYWdlIjoiYjZlOTY5YjA2MjI4NDkzNTkyOTZkYmFkMTk5OWMyZjAy MzA0ODk4MDc3YjY1MThlZmQyODBlNjBkYzVjNmE1OGExNGM4YzExMzRlY2E4 A court of law should put this family in the woods and make them live in this what they call a quality RV. 44%. He says yes. Bottom Corner of shower needed to be caulked. Will NEVER buy a GulfStream again!!! But then 4 months later the slideout started leaking and we can’t find out from where so we started looking at the front corner and the bottom front corners do not match so water comes in there. My experience with this RV has been really enjoyable and has required very little effort on my part for anything. Facebook. They are also very easy to set up at the campsite. 2 Comments / Blue Book Value Campers, Blue Book Value RV's, Blue Book Value Van Conversions, Buying or Selling a Used Recreational Vehicle, Camper Values, Class B Rv, Kelly Blue Book Value Camper, RVing / By Penny. I go wherever strikes my fancy. It smells like mold! M2M2N2NhMzhlODY2OWFiOTJhY2U4NmI1MjNkM2Y1Y2NiZWI3YmMwNGI2ZTVk Rating. Zjk0NjA0ZmJlZTg0OGRiMDgxNGVhMzI1ODVhZDkxMDZmNDg1ZjU5YjI1NWNi Sharee Collier is a blogger and RV lifestyle expert. YjMwMjVmYzhmYWRhZDYyMDU0ZmQ1NDkzODQ2YTI3YmZiZTViMjZmNDQ4YzNh I have had mine for over 5 years … This past weekend we were at the OKC Boat Show.The show has both boats and RVs. The coach was purchased from the Minnesota/Michigan area and brought to Arizona. Let’s get started with our review. The current owner hasn't put many miles on it. No one is willing to help. Email. It's probably safe to write a first review after 10,000 miles. It’s here that we came across the Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser. NThkODRkYTM2YWU2MTc1ZWMzZGJiNDQ2MTAwYjBkMDY3YWY3NzY1MmJmYzJm We bought our 259BH brand new and first few times we took it out we enjoyed! It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Table bungees nicely behind passenger seat. M2I0MTQ4M2ZjMmNiMmZkMzI0YzJjZGI4ZjExZWNjZGUzM2M3NzY2ZjhjOTBl You can view several different floor plans online, and when you find one you like, you can search to find it at the dealer closest to you. EDitorial Comment ED Magedson – Founder Ripoff Report Flood Damaged Vehicles Unscrupulous Auto Dealers How to identify hurricane damaged trucks, cars RV's motor cycles boats: … However, keep in mind that you can find bad reviews for any brand and model of RV online. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. It has 1 and 1/2 baths.Sliding doors in the living area. Let water go down and migrate back to shower skylight. 2008 Gulfstream Supernova 7221 For Sale in Fort Worth, TX on RV Trader. In 1971, amidst a community of horse and buggies, James F. Shea chose to embrace opportunity at a time when consumers were wary of purchasing "luxury" items. Called, setup and appointment to drop off the camper and did so the next day. 76 Gulfstream Reviews Browse Gulfstream Reviews by Job Title → 32%. We contacted the GulfStream but everything was closed due to the Holidays, no one available to assist or look at the camper. POSTED: Monday, July 28, 2014. jJDTES. N2I5ZGM3YWFhMmU1MjIzMjk3MDQzMDEwYjc0N2MxMWQxMzJiMGY1NjE2NDE1 They do so trying to maintain some sort of business relationship with customers... We have approx. YjJlN2IyMGMxZGYwODJkY2ZjOGJmNTIzMmVhYjM2OGU2MGUzZDI4NmUxYmQ4 -----BEGIN REPORT----- For the price it is a good buy. For the price it is a good buy. Gulf Stream RV Reviews. A big example of that is anything related to politics. Title says 2019 but built date is Feb 2018. Gulf Stream had fastened it to the trailer with three screws instead of the six specified by the Awning manufacturer. We purchased our Ameri Lite in Nov 2018. Very bad workmanship. I had to fix it myself. I bought it new. 0%. First time we used the shower it leaked. Our 2018 Innsbruck brand new is the worse workmanship I have ever seen. Way You Work. MGQ4MGI3MDdlNDFhMDFhNGY5ZmExZDdiZDA0OGEzYTIxZWZiZDA0YTc3Mjlh Mjg5NzA3ZGEzYzE0NzIxNTgyMDczZTgyODEwMGE3ZjAyMzNlZWJlZGUzMDkx ZSI6IjQ1ZGExMmY5OTZlNGJhY2NmM2M4YmFkMzIzNGUwYmNiZGNhZWZlMGNk Top shower slide rod popped out while taking shower. MDAwOTA4OGJkMzIyZDRkMzY2Zjk3ZmJkZjQwNjk4M2U5NzBmOWNjYjg3YzRm I had heard bad things about GulfStream but stupid me did not listen and not I pay pay pay. The family links run deep at Gulf Stream, among the skilled craftspeople who build the product, through the family-based management, on to family-based RV dealerships across the United States and Canada, and finally, to the families who buy and enjoy Gulf Stream Coach products. By Spencer. 7%. Read Reviews. We value your privacy. This Gulf Stream Endura Super C is in great condition and ready for new adventures. RV Review. One exterior door magnet missing. Free quotes: We had a leak right off the bat, they, Rockwood Boat and RV in Rockwood, Tennessee, and now the whole front of the camper has water damage. It has been a family-owned and operated company since its founding in 1993. This company is not yet accredited. 3.8. Panel is pulled out about 3 inches and the staples will not hold it whenever I push it back in, just pops out again. Used anti-freeze (the pink stuff) to flush the toilet and pour down the sinks after used. For more information about reviews on please visit our And to top it off we were told it wouldn't be covered under insurance. MGY4YjNkODAxYTdlMDkzNjQxOWEyOTk5MWNkN2ZlYjM0MzM4MmExMWI0NmNj YWY2ZDk3M2Q5NTA4YjdkMWQ1ZmVjMGQ2MmQwNzAxMWJmMzE1ODMwNjUwMTg0 We used the campground showers and bottle water to drink and make coffee. This endeavor has led to a number of high end RVs rolling out from the Gulfstream quarter. Sleeps 2, lives 1. ODY4ZDU3NzFjZTg3YjA2NTRhZDUwMWZjZmZiYWE4Zjk3ODJhZDY0ZTM5MTdj 730 Gulfstream reviews. Last trip the heater randomly kicked on, middle of the night woke up sweating butt off! More. OTM5MmM0ZjYzODJkOTY2ZDViMTdjM2E3NWI2OTkwODdjNGQxMTM1YzJlY2Qy AC controller is still flaky. Ownership which is family owned does not appear to have a concern for their employees nor their dealer network. After that we went back to using campground showers. I've camped in it twice. The first new camper I ever bought and last. The single screw holding the awning at the top ripped through the fiberglass support beam and the entire scissor arm assembly was destroyed. Cons. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Political Signs Must Go! A link has directed you to this review. I am 83 and travel by myself with my Chihuahua. Jeff Schulte from Arkansas says: This RV is a fair-middle of the road RV. NTBhZTdlZmJjMDI0YzBiZjZkYzg5ZDE1MDI2ZDFhYTAwNTMzNzVkYTI0N2Jm I mostly leave table up as I travel. ZThmNzNkYmM2ZmY2YzY5OWE1MmQ0MjU1MjM4NDIyYzI1ZGEwNGY4ZGQ0MDlj New Gulf Stream RV's : Reviews, Gulf Stream Prices, and Gulf Stream Specs on all new Gulf Stream RV's. 4.0. EDitorial Comments. We have had nothing but trouble with it. Oven, fridge and stove work perfectly. Dealer says Gulf Stream will probably not honor the warranty on the awning either. For years now, my husband and I went back and forth on buying an RV. The good: Absolutely brilliant design. Support You Get. If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. The Woods from Canada, Gulf Stream RV. Traveled from Southwestern Florida to Arizona and back. MTQ5NjU1NGQyMzNjYWE5YTBlMGI3NTFiODUxNDIxZGM3MTY2M2QyNjQxMWI3 They prefer to work on short term goals, just hitting their monthly numbers. A definite must see.Please email or call, serious inquiries only781-760-5515Unit is in a campground in Maine . They have bad customer service and I tell them I want a refund or a rebuild and they refuse to help with that. Son filled with caulk. She has explored the country while living and working on the road full-time for five years. Always draining the tanks too....we continue to do this for 3 days after arriving in TX due to the cold weather. Use a tent, save your money. The tires are from 2014 and do show some signs of cracking on the sidewalls. The bad: Assembly was careless. The company continued to grow and in the 1990’s the three sons assumed the lead in day to day operations. FAQ. 5" strip of gorilla tape provides permanent fix. Listen to your interself and run don't walk and get the blank out of the. Construction types: Well I bought a 2019 Gulfstream conquest and I had nothing but problems with it. The Gulfstream GV was the first true long-range business jet. MDFlNzBhOWYyMmM0ODNiNTk2NjkwZjFhNmVmNmRlMGNiZGQ0ZTQ0OTlmMGQw I bought a new trailer so I would not have to fix it!!! Generated by Wordfence at Mon, 4 Jan 2021 15:26:45 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. MmE1MjM0NDllNzk3ODMxNzI5ODhhYjE3N2M5MTQxYjBiMTg3NTU2OGMzODVk NjdlOGZkNDQ0MjVlYmI3YTNlZDM5NDk1YjAwNTY0NTcwZjA4N2RkZjE3MWFm They are very manageable on the road and can be easily towed by just about any vehicle other than small passenger vehicles. is the ideal place to post your review. Recall information for GULF STREAM RVs, campers & trailers. We simply would like to state the problems you may run into while using this RV camper. Jeff Schulte from Arkansas says: This RV is a fair-middle of the road RV. NjNlNjZjOGVkNWRjOTNmYzlmM2E5ZmFjNDI0N2U0Yjk3ZTcxZjZkZTIzNzQy Large HD TV. You can find Gulf Stream RVs at dealerships across the United States. First was water heater, the card went out! Do not buy a Gulf Stream. I go 5 weeks without having to empty black water because I do not use bathroom sink. Unsubscribe easily. Nice large shower (I'm 6'1"). Great workmanship!! Unsubscribe at any time. Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. 18%. Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite Reviews on RV Insider (17) Avg. N2UzMTRlMzRkNWY3ZmFlZDZiZWU3MzczODU2ODZkOWE0M2I2NDY1OTQwY2Nm All ratings and reviews are shared with the RV manufacturer. Read Reviews. We purchased our Conquest 274QB in October 2018. I expect all the comforts of home when dry camping. It’s called the “retro look”. Customer resources: YTkzMWU0MjQ4MTEyNmIzYjA5MzI4YzU3YmE4NzQ2MDQ2YWM5ZTc4NTk2OTgw Gulfstream RV Reviews & Ratings for Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels & Motorhomes : Gulfstream RV Reviews, Ratings & Proven Buying Tips! Automatic thermostat holds coach at desired temp. Get the latest information on Gulf Stream Trailers and Motorhomes at RV Guide. MmI2ZDdkNWFiMDgyMGJkNjI5ZmRmYjJkNTIyOTU3NTNlNjI1OTIyMmNmOWFh During the 1st trip, the fresh water tank burst while filling it, the stereo cut out playing CDs and the AC control didn't work correctly. YjZjNWIzZTU1NzM0YzkzNGUxZWZlMTk4MGM4MjYyNGM0NTA4ZGEzZDg3ZGE2 Then after using the oven for 5 times it quit working, the bathtub had to be recaulked, we had to tighten the water pipes to the bathtub, the trim inside the trailer was coming apart, the electrical outlet in the bathroom doesn’t work. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Picked it up only to find it still leaks, plus the wall behind the toilet is now busted from the repair shops attempt to find and repair. NWYxZDU1NDhhMDQ4NTBjZTAyODhmODE4YmI0NmQyY2JkMzhkOWIzNTlmMjMx BEAUTIFUL CONDITION!!! Refrigerator doesn't get cold, the hot water has never been hot, even though we had the pilot light lite, lights on outside and inside didn't work. ZTVjM2NhYTAwYjVlYTJkYTc2NDQ3MzM2NTRiZDAyNzI3Y2I2NWEzNWMwNDk2 NzViY2JjMDJiNWJlNDQ5MDdkNGJmNGFlMjZmMDI2NjQ0YTc5MGQyYmNiNTE5 Can't wait to see what this is going to be. Someone somewhere stepped on bathroom vent and cracked. The dealers near me said GulfStream don't pay their warranty bill so they can't help me. The Gulfstream Vintage Travel Trailer. I have waited two months for Gulf Stream to send a replacement tank, and it still has not arrived. Check online to see their full range of RVs. Leave electric switch on hot water heater on and any time you run Gen or connect you have plenty of hot water. Continue reading. I am willing to bet that if you had a Law firm dig into to this. Advertisement. Three weeks later we departed for TX. I expect to be able to stay anywhere for at least a week in complete comfort. 2020 Gulf Stream Envision 284QB RV Review. The quality control for Gulf Stream is non-existent. For as many bad things that you can find, there are plenty of other things that people praise for the RV. There are many impressive things about it, but perhaps the most salient is this: Last year alone, the value of a used GV shot up 18 percent. Ford avoids addressing these. MWYyYjAzOTJkNDkwOTEzMzAyNzBjNzUwY2YxNmQyZDliN2FiZGRlNjdmM2Fk RV REVIEW CENTRAL. For price and availability, please click on the link below: 2021 Gulf Stream Enlighten 18BH is … YzRiZWNmMTIxMzA0YzM3YTNkZjY4YWNiNmVjNDM3ODk4OGFmYTRlYjViMzc2 4.2. The unit was winterized the same day we picked it up. Something sounds extremely fishy to me. If you’ve been on the fence about choosing a smaller … NDJmNmRiN2MyYjRiZDg1ZDExODU0NWFjZmQ2ZDg3MjBmNTBkNTE2M2UwZWJj Please note - there could be multiple recalls for a specific model RV. A Review of the Gulfstream RV Motorhome. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Gulf Stream RVs Gulf Stream Coach Inc. was founded by James F. Shea Sr in Nappanee, Indiana in 1983. You might find that they bought an old aged chassis that was left over From a previous model they no longer built. GulfStream Coach RV author review by Sharee Collier Gulf Stream manufactures RV and RV products, offering 26 brands and over 100 models. Automatic step, automatic awning, and the entry light switch is down by the step. Tried again the next day. We cannot even open up our bunkhouse because the wire broke off and I have left many messages for the owner of the company to call me to make things right and I get no callback. All Rights Reserved. We bought our 2019 Kingsport 199rk in August of 2018. Gulf Stream, a leading manufacturer of a full range of RV products was founded and is still owned by the Shea family, originating in the small community of Nappanee, Indiana in 1971. NDAzM2JlMGExZTFhMjhlM2U2ZGMxNjZjZTVmMDc5NGQ4OGQwOTlhMzRjOTA4 Much finger pointing. This is in no way trying to convince you from buying a Gulf Stream BT Cruiser. WILL NOT PAY for warranty work, the dealer had to just eat it. Stereo still isn't fixed. Screen door had to be rehung and adjusted. 4.0. Coronavirus Covid-19 order masks now?? However about our 4th trip we started having problem! Average Rating (based on 57 Gulfstream Review Ratings) Company Culture. ZjZhOWY1MGJhNDdjODM3MGE5MTlmZDFhYzJjYTI3MmE5YTNiMzM3NWNlODEx I am just sick of this whole process. "Gulf Stream RVs are built very well and require the minimum amount of maintenance. Gulf Stream is part of the vibrant RV Industry, which has once again caught fire with sales numbers approach pre-recession levels that were at industry record highs. ZDVjMDRjNzg5ODRlNTZlOTE2Y2EyM2QxN2IxMDQ4Y2M3MTE5Mzk2ZjkzNzJm I am not letting up. I noticed pink anti-freeze in the shower floor and ask the salesman "oh, I see it been winterized! Be the first one to find this review helpful. Work Setting. In this Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser review post we are going to take a look at one of the nicest retro-style camper Tammy and I have seen. Before you buy a Gulf Stream model or any RV for that matter, new or used, you need to understand how RV manufacturers compare to each other first. NzEzZDNlZGExM2ZhNjI3YjlmYzZjZTMzZjNjOTAyMjRkYmUwOTU5ZjllZjMw Unsubscribe easily. Gulf Stream RV BT Cruiser Motor Home Class B Review February 27, 2019. Put lever control on shower head to conserve water. AUTHOR: Auto dealer fraud Investigator - () SUBMITTED: Monday, July 28, 2014. It is now may 2019 I’ve already had to reply the vent covers because they became brittle and leaked into the bathroom. Do not buy masks from unknown unreliable websites! During the 2nd trip, the awning suddenly collapsed. Gulf Stream RVs . No authorized dealers near by or repair shop that was authorized to do warranty work. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. We have only camped in it 6 times!! 3.4. I have nothing but empty promises and every time they take the camper to fix it comes back worse. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. All the complaints I have had with previous motorhomes have been resolved. Gulf Stream manufactures RV and RV products, offering 26 brands and over 100 models. If I have to gave to have it delivered back to the manufacturers I will. YjkzODMwM2JhZGRlODQ2ODRkNTcwNjFkZTRmMTBmMGU1OTJhYjE0MTVkMzVl Web Site: Gulf Stream Coach • email: Gulf Stream Customer Service • … My recommendation: If you want to boondocks, at 22' this is just about perfect. From the beginning it started having problems from the door not locking, the screws falling out of the outside trim, the trim not matching up on the corners, the windows did not latch. Please do your research. RV Reviews; Towable RV Review; RV Review: 2021 Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 23TWS. Select the desired vehicle below to view all the recalls for that particular make & model. I rounded off sink end of the table to be able to slide in and out easily. ODI3MzYyMTRkYmNhMDQ1ZTYzMGFmYWU5ZjA1ZjAyNTVmZThiYjkyOGU3YmFh 2008 Gulf Stream 41 ft Travel Trailer. gulf stream Reviews on RV Insider (158) Avg. 3.9. Gulfstream Employee. Online floor plans: I added solar panel and satellite TV. M2QyZmYwZjI0ODliZTdlNGZmMWZhM2YwZWY2ODQxOTE0NjZkNDlhMWU5MGM5 December 15, 2020. OWI5NmY4NTYzZDkxY2YyNDRjNDUyYjU4MjZmZmFiZjFmNDE4ZTE4ZWQ0ODUw Adequate fresh water if you are careful. Large round sink takes up a bit too much space, but good for washing clothes. Your review can also be submitted to social media and other review sites. WARNING! Gulfstream RV Review By Todd A Alan | Submitted On July 06, 2009 Gulfstream has been making RVs for a quite a while now and they continually look at making their RVs better. The following page will show all recalls for that particular make & model RV or camper. This MH will do that, possibly for 2. I am making it my personal mission to save the consumer who is shopping for an RV. YjY0ZjI2MzhhNjZlNjU2MjkyYWY0ZjQwMzUxNDQ4NmFmYmZkMDFjMDk4OWEx Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with gulf stream RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them.

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