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stove flue damper

Flue Pin. 00. How a Top-Sealing Damper Functions. A properly functioning damper is essential to any flue. They can commonly be found with wood burning stoves. Dampers retain combustible heat inside the stove. When closed, it seals off the chimney so that warm air from your house doesn't escape. When lighting the stove keep the damper in the fully open position and adjust as necessary once a fire has been established. WITH LOVE FROM IDAHO! Gases coole in the flue before they have a chance to fully combust, forming smoke and creosote Newer stove on right: 1. Chimney dampers often take on a lot of rust and other damages, but our certified experts can repair it! How to Season Wood for your Wood Burning Stove, Carbon Monoxide Alarms can be purchashed here, As a supplier of essential heating equipment we are remaining open during Lockdown 2. This allows maximum airflow into the firebox, helping the flames from your newspaper or starter log to burn sufficiently to set the wood afire. Wood burning stoves can therefore become cold due to the connection with the outside via the flue. Sku # 6400001. Each of our sweepings includes a visual inspection of the chimney and fireplace, as well as a brushing out of any powdery soot or creosote in the flue, smoke chamber, or firebox. $247.00 $ 247. Add To List Click to add item Selkirk Black Stove Damper Kit to your list. Top dampers also keep out most insects (flies, bees, mosquitoes, etc.). Primary combustion chamber 3. $82.00. The flue and the damper work together to funnel smoke effectively up the chimney and out of the house. If the damper is more than halfway open there will be too much airflow to produce heat, but it will keep a flame raging and consuming wood. This controls airflow into the firebox after you close the doors. Add To List Click to add item Vogelzang Flue Stop to your list. 91-58130. It is actually inside the stove pipe and can be moved manually by means of a lever outside of the pipe. $16.67. All installations should have an approved carbon monoxide alarm installed but it is of larger importance with a damper as it slows the chimney draught which could lead to smokeblowing back down the chimney. Close. Used to regulate air by twisting handle to open and close damper Install in black flue pipe Lock or unlock with 1/2 turn of rod Call the team at Aelite Chimney Specialties in Chicago IL at 815-363-1242 to schedule an appointment. By opening and closing the damper, you can exert some level of control regarding to how fast and hot a fire burns. As the chimney warms and the airflow increases, it pulls more heat upward and out of the chimney. This flow heats the coals and pushes air through the wood, increasing the heat. Optimal temperatures vary by house. More information, From Manor House Fireplaces trading since 1982, DEFRA Approved Stoves and Smoke Control Zones Explained. This will help the drill bit stay in one place when you drill your holes. Home » Accessories » Care & Maintenance Products » Stove Accessories » Flue Dampers. Dubuque,IA A damper in a stove chimney flue (1) controls air supply by being set open (2) or closed (3). Products. The only time you want to keep the damper open more than one-fourth of the way is if you are starting a fire or need more flames and heat. Dampers keep your chimney flue & fireplace closed to the elements when the chimney is not in use. Why Is It Important To Burn Seasoned Wood? Measure the diameter of the single wall flue pie above the stove and buy the relevant sized damper. The improved draft control this damper provides helps make the most of the Double Wall Stove Pipe's efficient design. It features a spring-loaded pin to help keep the damper secure. Before starting a fire, if possible, wave a small flame under the flue to warm it up. The inline damper comes installed inside a 6" length of pipe. This keeps your house at optimal temperatures and … Compare Click to add item "Selkirk Black Stove Damper Kit" to the compare list. A chimney damper is a means of reducing the internal diameter of the flue, therefore slowing down the up draught, meaning better temperature control and less heat loss. If it’s your wood-burning stove we’re cleaning, we’ll clean the stove pipe, as well as the connectors. Some stove manufacturers make dampers specifically for their stoves and it's worth checking if this is the case first before purchasing a universal damper, such as the Stovax Damper sold here . VINTAGE GRISWOLD STOVE PIPE FLUE DAMPER 6" CAST IRON S-25. This keeps smoke and air flowing through the firebox and out the chimney. While the bypass damper is more of a plate, the pipe damper is more like a valve. The damper can be placed in multiple positions within the stovepipe to obstruct the exhaust gases. A flue damper works in the same way as a chimney damper but is slightly different. Air inlet, not prewarmed, reduces combustion 2. cast iron damper is designed to control airflow and burn of the fire for greater heating efficiency. The aim is to feed the spline back through the damper plate, once you've done this you need to depress the spring again and twist to lock the spline back in place. Click to see full answer. These dampers are designed to make your fireplace more energy efficient by sealing the flue at the top rather than at the bottom. 389D. Tim Anderson has been freelance writing since 2007. It does this like a 'butterfly valve' by simply moving the plate against the flue gas flow to help slow it down. Over the years, wood stoves were the evolution of early efforts to contain and maintain fire. (No one enjoys paying to heat the outdoors.) Tiny Wood Stove LLC 1329 North Biztown Loop Hayden, Idaho 83835 208-352-3417 $7.90 shipping. By opening and closing the damper, you can exert some level of control regarding to how fast and hot a fire burns. Showing all 4 results. Using a flexible measuring tape make another small cross on the opposite side of the pipe. My flue method: exhaust damper fully open when starting a fire and until I have a decent bed of coals, then fully closed. It serves a few purposes, including regulation of air flow and protection against rain and pests. Determine which position is open and which closes the damper for your particular stove. Pre-warming chamber heats combustion air 2. Flue Dampers Information. FREE Shipping. Some stove manufacturers make dampers specifically for their stoves and it's worth checking if this is the case first before purchasing a universal damper, such as the Stovax Damper sold here. Shipping ADD TO CART. Wrap a band of masking tape around the pipe 5" above the flue collar and using a pencil, mark a small cross on one side of the pipe. | Tel 01484 846055, By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Close the damper about two-thirds of the way as the fire begins to catch and coals start to form. Vintage 8 Inch Cast Iron Stove Pipe Damper. Using an electric drill with a new sharp bit, drill a 7mm hole at the side in which you wish to have the damper handle and a 6mm hole at the opposing side. All rights reserved. Shipping ADD TO CART. Shop our assortment of different kinds of internal stove dampers, they serve many different functions to keep your stove running safely, we carry many name brands such as Jotul, Appalachian, HWAM, Haas Sohn, and many more ... Flue Damper. Measure the circumference of the pipe with the tape, making sure the mark is exactly opposite your first mark. One important point that should be noted is that the damper provides an area for potential flue blockage so you should always move it from time to time to dislodge any built up soot. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. This is ideal for heating long term. USA. Compare. VINTAGE/ANTIQUE STOVE PIPE VENTS/DAMPERS GRISWOLD~ADAMS CO. 6" STEAMPUNK! Orient yourself with the damper handle on the outside of your flue pipe or the exterior of your stove. A flue damper is used for: Reducing the draft up the flue by partially closing off the damper. As you can imagine an audible alarm is a must, don't take chances with yours and your families safety. Open the damper all the way, if you are lighting a fire. The flue collar is the term used for the connective opening between the stove and its pipe. The interference with the exhaust gases slows the movement up the chimney and keeps heat longer in the heating area. Compare Click to add item "Vogelzang Flue Stop" to the compare list. A stovepipe damper is little more than a large butterfly valve inside the stovepipe with an exterior handle you can turn to regulate the exhaust from the stove. Buying A Stove With The Right Output For Your Room, Choosing Between A Wood Burner Or A Multi Fuel Stove, The Pros and Cons of Wood Burning, Multi Fuel, Gas and Electric Stoves and Fires. Keeping the air flowing correctly through a wood-burning stove is essential for safe and efficient operation of the stove. Some handles push in and pull out, others turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, and some slide from side to side. Hearthstone Stove Damper. Reduce the damper to between one-fourth and halfway open to maintain heat for a larger home. Care should be taken to thoroughly clean around the assembly when you're having the chimney swept. Wood stoves have been in use since the start of bringing fire indoors. Quick View. Individual stoves vary. In this video I will show how I install a damper in a stove pipe.If you would like to purchase this from amazon here is a link below. A fireplace damper is a simple flap that opens and closes inside the flue of your fireplace. 389P. Close the damper until nearly shut for overnight or maintenance fires, such as when you go out to the supermarket. Take the damper and firmly holding the damper plate, depress the spring fully, turn and release the damper spline from the plate. When open, it allows the fire to vent properly and let the smoke go up the chimney. flue pipe. A chimney damper is a means of reducing the internal diameter of the flue, therefore slowing down the up draught, meaning better temperature control and less heat loss. Hearthstone Damper. Black Stove Pipe Damper is made of cast iron and steel to ensure strength and durability. Click to add item "Selkirk Black Stove Damper Kit" to the compare list. 3 Inch Add to cart. The damper is a steel or cast-iron door that opens and closes the throat of the firebox into the flue. All of the wood stoves I've ever used have included flue dampers, which have been instrumental in slowing down the burn rate of the wood fuel and heating the stoves. $14.95. Holding the damper plate with one hand reach up inside the flue pipe whilst feeding the spline through the 7mm first with your other hand. $12.99. Compatible with our black stove pipe along with Ventis, Champion, and Nexvent.

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